Mankind is Noodlekind

August 31st, 2011


Well we were a little late getting David Chang’s Lucky Peach magazine, our friend Gord first told us about the issue, and ever since we’ve been trying to get our paws on a copy.


The first issue was of particular interest because it’s the “Ramen” issue, something we’ve grown addicted to since our trip to Hokkaido. The Momofuku book was loaned to us by Kai, a friend of the shop. He always comes in and talks about his experiences in Japan and abroad and thought we’d appreciate the story telling in the cookbook.

On that note we have some news! We’re going to making another trip to Japan during the 2nd week of September. We’re going to be traveling around Kanazawa, Kyoto, and a couple days in Tokyo. After planning this trip and reading all about ramen we thought we’d have lunch at Kenzo, arguably the best ramen in Toronto!


We both ordered the miso ramen. We ask to get some additional garlic paste and spice to get it a bit closer to Asahikawa ramen, our white whale of ramen. The place is bustling with Japanese students at lunch but we got a table, and it didn’t take long to get our order of gyoza and ramen.


Besides the social aspects of traveling, our favorite thing is always food so we’re excited to try new places and share them all with you. Hopefully we’ll have some great workshop tours as well.


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