David Ericsson for Mjölk

July 7th, 2011

It was almost a year ago that we featured the work of David Ericsson on our blog. I remember seeing photos of the exhibition “Carl Malmsten made me do it” and almost instantaneously felt a connection to the works displayed. The use of natural materials, the impeccable craftsmanship and above all else the experience and thoughtfulness of his designs. Just from the photos you can appreciate the tactility of his work, and you can imagine how you could use any work in your own home.

I think it was the same day that I saw his exhibit that I contacted David to see about showing his work in the store, so when we eventually scheduled a trip to Stockholm, seeing David’s work in person was a top priority.

In the above photo: “The chair” made from solid beech wood. All of the strapping for the chair is connected to the frame by simple black finishing nails. The chairs are all left unfinished for an even patina.

We sat down for some coffee and sweets.

A collection of leather shade lights designed for the “Carl Malmsten made me do it” exhibition. When I first saw his lighting designs they reminded me of flesh and bone, the wood bases are curved at the end like a big bone, and the leather shade represents the skin. I told this to David and he said that it wasn’t his intention to mimic flesh and bone, and that the use of material and shapes came as a natural progression for use, longevity, and tactility. The wonderful blend of leather, turned beechwood, and brass fittings will develop a beautiful patina with age and use.

David’s office complete with his beautiful writing desk and vintage swivel chair. A small collection of Tobasco bottles sit at the edge of his desk near his custom desk lamp.

An old Japanese desk utensil organizer.

A collection of antique lights sit near their office window, a constant inspiration for Ericsson.

A fully upholstered chair, and the human lamp which was recently featured in Elle interior.

Santa Claus.

“Carl Malmsten made me do it” and “dr. design” embossed leather shade.

The “Bibliotekslampan” Library lamp is kept next to his “String” library unit and used to search the spines of books to read when it’s dark.

A new wall mounted prototype with a hand spun aluminum shade is mounted in his daughter’s room. It’s from a series called “Lamp Francis”, a collaboration between David Ericsson and Marcus Berg.

To read more about this collaboration please visit: DMOCH

The beautiful family.

Now we’re back in Toronto and recently received our first shipment from David Ericsson, and it’s currently being displayed in our front window.

One of our favourite lamps is now available to buy and see in the store, the “Bibliotekslampan” Library lamp.

It is embossed with “Bibliotekslampan for Mjölk” and we hung one up next to our own library in our new apartment.

The inspiration of the light is for searching the spines of books in a dark library.

The light is also beautiful hung up and used as a bedside lamp.

The leather strap is used for mounting the light to the wall.

Believe me, they are even more beautiful in person. We’re really looking forward to a long relationship working with David Ericsson, his work encompasses everything we love about design.

Price: $675

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