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February 3rd, 2009

We’re watching: the Loyal Loot Collective (Doha Chebib, Carmen Douville, Dara Humniski,  and Anna Thomas) based out of Edmonton Alberta.


Prairie House, designed by Dara Humniski
We love the cheeky reference to the Canadian prairies.


Monsieur Dressup, designed by Anna Thomas
Imitating the collar of a dress shirt, you can hang more than just sweaters — jacket, scarf, umbrella, mail, towels–anything you want out of the way!


Coat Hang, by Dara Humniski
“mimicking the careful tear of an axe on a piece of kindling”


Log Bowls, by Doha Chebib
Handmade from locally reclaimed trees and available in an assortment of different colours, complete with a high gloss furniture based finish.

You can find Loyal Loot Collective at MADE, 867 Dundas Street West, Toronto.

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