Copenhagen: Part 1

May 11th, 2011

We arrived in Copenhagen after a 3 hour flight from Reykjavik. Unfortunately due to the time change we were having what felt like breakfast in the late afternoon in Copenhagen. We dropped off our bags at the hotel and trekked over to Cafe Dyrehaven, one of the coolest local spots in Copenhagen.

In the 70s this place used to a really dodgy bar, one could even use the term drug den. Of course like many rough neighborhoods the cafe now caters to young locals in the hip Vesterbro district.

The bar looks as if it has been untouched since its opening.

I knew this place had a reputation for a good Eggs Benedict so that’s what I wanted to get. The eggs sat on a piece of dark rye Rugbrød, the combination was fantastic. I think it may even be better than an english muffin.

Juli had the fried cod with buttery dill on rugbrød.

After breakfast we took a long walk, it’s been a good 2 years since we were last here but everything is still so fresh in our minds.

Danish bike culture is amazing. Then again, we shouldn’t take it too hard. There are no hills, and no notorious bike thieves like we have in Toronto.

We didn’t have much time to visit many shops but we wanted to visit Klassik, one of the largest collections of mid century Danish design in the city. I also really wanted to visit Dansk Mobelkunst which I would say is the best curated vintage shop in the city but it seemed to be missing. Maybe they moved? Maybe we walked right by it and missed it… Next time we’ll write down the address.

A beautiful specimen, a vintage Hans Wegner “the chair”.

Three amazing Poul Hundevad stools, on my wish list for sure.

One of my favorite chairs of all time, the Spanish chair by Børge Mogensen. We sell them in the shop!

There is a really cool street called Jægersborggade which we kept on coming back to during our stay in Copenhagen. It has an amazing collection of great cafes, bars, and some of the best eating in town. For our first night we were off to Manfred’s, opened by former Noma sous-chef Christian F. Puglisi. During the day it is a gourmet take-away, and at night it becomes a tiny special sit down restaurant offering the best of local and seasonal ingredients.

If you can book in advance there is seriously limited seating available. — brunch available on weekends.

We were a little early for our reservation so we stopped by MusiksMag Bar, also known as the music cafe for a drink. We really fell in love with this place, they keep it really simple:

Pour over coffee, cheap red wine, or 40 kroner Carlsberg.

Time for our reservation!

They have a record player in the corner and tons of vinyl, they keep it going until close without skipping a beat.

Our table had a little chalkboard paint on it to label the reservations.

As an appetizer, Juli had the fresh salmon with buttermilk.

I had the creamy cauliflower soup with crunchy croutons, so delicious.

Our main was ox tail, roasted beet, and bulgar. It was a great combination and a wonderful meal, we had to waddle back to our hotel.

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