A Reykjavik stopover

May 9th, 2011

Iceland Air offers free stop overs in Reykjavik, on your way to or from Europe, so we decided to take advantage of it and pop by to say hello and check out some new products. We arrived in Reykjavik early Monday morning and started our day off right by having breakfast at one of our favorite breakfast places, the Grey Cat.

We actually managed to not look like the living dead…thanks to miraculously sleeping most of the flight.

The breakfast is just perfect, eggs and stewed tomatoes, potatoes, toast with lots of butter, pancakes and bacon.

After breakfast we met up with Andrea Maack and her husband at their home and studio. Juli bought one of her perfumes last year and it’s been her go to scent ever since. It started off as an exhibition concept at Spark Design, but we recently found out that the perfumes are available and being expanded, so we are working on bringing them over to the shop!

They are obsessed with using corian as a material in their packaging and displays, so they made some dumbbells too! The 11 on the weight is  actually incorrect so while you work out, you also work out your mind trying to figure out exactly what the weight of it might be.

Packaging and catalogs.

Perfume sample strips.

After our visit they dropped us off at Spark Design Space to see the new Scintilla textile exhibition which is by Icelandic textile and fashion designer Linda Björg Árnadóttir. We met her on our trip last summer and brought her collection to our store, we were excited to see all the new products in person.

The new collection features more pillows, blankets, table cloths, and towels.

Finna and Brynhildur of Vík Prjónsdóttir were waiting for us at Spark design space.

There is now such an amazing range of textiles, you can stop by Mjolk to see at least 3 different versions of her pillows.

We picked up some lobster soup and had an impromptu picnic near the lighthouse.

Now this is bringing back fond memories.

After lunch Finna and Brynhildur gave us some “Skyrkonfelkt”, a product they produced with local farmers, in an effort to re-brand farming from a focus on raw material to extending production to varied product lines. Last year it was a sort of rhubarb brittle. This year it is Skyr filled chocolate. It was delicious, and the concept is wonderful.

A stop at a popular local ice cream shop.

Then back to Mokka Kaffi – there are too many places we just had to visit again…sorry to long time Kitka readers…

We met with designers Ingibjörg (middle) and Halla, you have seen Ingibjörg’s work in our store, most prominently the Krummi Hanger. The second time you meet someone on a trip is so much better, we were chatting away the minutes sipping on coffee and eating waffles. Ingibjörg and Halla showed us some beautiful and thoughtful new prototypes that we would be more than happy to offer through our store when they eventually become products.

Walking by the new Concert Hall – it’s almost complete. Love the sunlight and water reflection!

We had been up too many hours than we can even think of so for dinner we wanted to play keep it simple, a local spot with some good old fashioned fish and chips.

Gull beer

Tiny Icelandic lobsters in butter and herbs to share, so delicious!

Although the dish is quite traditional it is made in a slightly healthier more delicious way, the batter is made from spelt and barley, all the potatoes are hand cut and baked instead of fried, and all of the ingredients used in the skyronnaise are all organic.

After dinner we took a long walk around the city to work off our food, and wind down from the day.

Juli was taking a series of photographs of things displayed in windows and totally got caught taking a picture of this person’s fern. Her response was, “I like your ferns!” Haha, embarrassing.

Of course we just had to stop off for a “night cap” hot dog at one of the most famous hot dog stands in the world. Now we’re tired, and we’ll have to wake up really early again to get to Copenhagen.

Good Night!

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