New Masakage Studio pieces now in stock!

April 18th, 2011

We’re excited to announce we have received our shipment of Masakage and Norio Tanno products that we ordered when we visited their studio in February. We’re the only store carrying these new products in North America, so if you are interested in ordering anything in this post please send us an email.

We will have a new online store debuting soon, so until then we won’t be adding these to the current website.

Items starting from the top left of the above photo:

Leather iPhone sleeve by Kenton Sorensen
Leather coin case from Sapporo
Georg Jensen key ring
Nendo comma and period paper weights
Ebony card case by Masakage Tanno
Cherry toothpick holder
Wrap Wrap headphone wire keeper
Masakage Tanno maple pencil case
Braun calculator
Mucu blank notebook

All items except for the Braun calculator and coin case are available from Mjölk.

A video at the Masakage workshop, unfortunately I had as much charisma as a wet blanket.

The new collection centers around the push button mechanism made entirely out of wood except for a single metal spring. I am also happy to announce that Masakage Tanno recently came in 1st place at the Takaoka Crafts competition.  Take a look at the new collection:

Cherry toothpick holder $145

Maple and Ebony card holder $165 / $175

Ebony and padauk card case and our Kitka business card.

Maple and ebony pencil and pen holder $200

The classic oak and walnut business card case $98, we’ve been proudly carrying these since our first day open.

Getting to see a little of Norio Tanno’s brilliance.

We were lucky enough to get a couple Norio Tanno tea canisters in the store. They are meticulously made and you can stare at all of the tiny intricacies for hours. The tea canisters are displayed in many museums around the world. These pieces are an amazing example of his technical woodworking skills. Available in Japanese ash $650 or ebony $750.

Inlays and tea scoop in padauk wood, tea chamber made from Japanese maple.

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