Cado, ceramics and flowers.

April 6th, 2011

We’ve been staring at the Cado unit and wanting a change. We brought some really beautiful things back from our last trip to Japan and we just want to look at them and enjoy them. A re-think of our Cado unit was in order.

Honestly, putting things on a shelf is really challenging. Unfortunately our cado doesn’t have very many shelves so it can appear a bit sparse (there are more but they are deeper and we prefer the narrower ones). Also, wires are so annoying!

One of our favorite pieces was this single stem wall mounted flower vase by Masanobu Ando. We’ve been working with Ando-san about getting his work in our store but I hadn’t heard back from him after the earth quake. I was really worried, but I’m happy to report I recently got an update and he’s doing fine and currently working on an exhibition at his gallery to help with relief efforts.

We found a nice spot for our wenge tray, an ebay find.

This amazing piece is hand carved from solid chestnut wood. We imagine keeping this on our future dining table holding fruit and linen napkins.

A beautiful white ceramic water jug.

A bookend holding up a bunch of books we can’t read…yet? We can actually special order these through the store, should you ever be interested. It’s just a bit pricey so we haven’t bothered to stock them. But they are so nice in their simplicity.

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