Vintage Moomin

January 12th, 2011

Before Christmas, Juli and I decided not to get each other anything this year for Christmas. So obviously I decided to take the opportunity to get her something small but thoughtful, and since Juli used to work in publishing and has a children’s book collection, I went on the search for some vintage Moomin.

I found these two Puffin books at an online book store in Australia.

Moomin Valley in Winter map.

The really special book was a hardcover 1st edition of Moominpappa at sea. Which features really beautiful original cover art.

There is something about these old book illustrations. The newer books which don’t feature original artwork by Tove Jansson just don’t have the same soul to them. Take a look at “Finn Family Moomintroll”, the first novel. The reissues they are printing now has a terrible cover (below, left):

There is something that captures your imagination on the original cover (right).

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