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January 7th, 2011

In late October there was an exhibition called “Design a life” featuring a collaboration by wood artisan Mitani Ryuji, and glass artist Kazumi Tsuji. I’ve already started a collection of pieces by Mitani Ryuji (wooden spoons), so I saw this work as being an opportunity to invest in something really limited and really special.

This collaboration features a series of mouth blown glass canisters with hand made wooden seals.

A pamphlet on the exhibition.

Last night we met with Alison from Coriander Girl to work out some details about the flowers we will be using for the wedding, and she brought us a beautiful bouquet! It’s now looking pretty in our glass pitcher by Kazumi Tsuji.

I’m used to being turned down from most stores and galleries in regards to international shipping on limited run products. There is such a high demand for works by someone like Mitani Ryuji it is usually preferred not to have any of the work sold or shipped outside of the gallery.

I contacted the gallery Momogusa and spoke with owner and ceramicist Andou Masanobu, who was nice to not only facilitate my request but photograph and email me photos of the exhibited pieces for me to choose from. While I was picking which jars to buy for myself I took a look at Andou Masanobu’s ceramic works and inquired about 2 pieces that I really connected with. One was the ceramic soap dish (above).

The other was a set of 4 interlocking ceramic dishes.

The first book on the left is about Momogusa gallery, the next is the newest book by Mitani Ryuji (which I can’t read), and the last is in English and Japanese by glass artist Kazumi Tsuji.

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