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November 12th, 2010

We spent our new day off (thanks Lauren!) on Tuesday doing a fun little photo shoot. On our last trip to Iceland, we met with Thury, one of the designers in the Icelandic collective Vík Prjónsdóttir. We now have a great selection of their blankets in the mjölk shop, but folded up you just don’t get to see their unique features, hence the photo shoot! I have included Vík Prjónsdóttir’s artist statements, because they are integral to what makes these designs so very special.

The Twosome blanket (above)
Designed 2005 by Vík Prjónsdóttir
100% Icelandic wool, reversible colour, pink and brown
Size 115,74 x 59,84 in / 294 x 152 cm.

Artist Statement: In earlier times, it was a custom in many unheated homes in Iceland to share beds to stay warm, even with visiting strangers as a gesture of hospitality. People would lay side by side in the opposite direction to one another to keep each other warm.

This is THE perfect blanket for snuggling up in front of the tv during the winter. It was pretty hilarious trying to get a shot of us in it, because the timer on the camera was 10 seconds and it was never enough time to run back and get into the hood and look put together. Eventually John figured out that both of us should go to the camera in the blanket and then run back to the sofa. It was a good laugh. But more importantly, wow, what a cozy blanket! I keep nagging John for it…oh and you don’t have to sit that close to each other, it’s actually quite long!

The Snow Blanket
Designed 2010 by Vík Prjónsdóttir
100% Icelandic wool, blue and white

Artist Statement: Every year nature covers the land in snow. The snow acts like a blanket that puts all plants to sleep over the winter. The snow has both romantic sides and more dramatic ones. From ancient times people had to bury themselves under the snow to stay alive if they got lost in a snow storm. A layer of snow isolates heat and has therefore saved many lives. This blanket is meant to give isolation and protection from daily life. It is dedicated to all the survivors but also those who passed away.

[Also pictured and new to the shop: The Teabag teapot, designed by Danish ceramist Marie Langaa]

Pompom feet!

Shield of Wings blanket
Designed 2010 by Vík Prjónsdóttir.
100% Icelandic wool.

Artist Statement: The Sea Eagle is the king of birds. With its grace and beauty and a wingspan of up to 2.5 meters it is respected and feared at the same time. The eagle does everything for its young and protects the nest with great care and strength. It is a predator and has been known to even take infants to its nest. Still today there exists one survivor from the eagle’s claws in Iceland. This blanket is a dedication to this magnificent animal. Now you are under the eagle’s protection.

[Also pictured and available in the shop: Krummi bird hangers.]

Beautiful as a wrap around blanket, large enough to use as a bedspread!

The Sealpelt
Designed 2005 by Vík Prjónsdóttir
100% Icelandic wool, grey-blue/white with red interior
Size 78,74 x 52,75 in / 200 x 134 cm

How hilarious are my seal feet!

Artist Statement: In the Icelandic myths, seals are believed to be condemned by humans. One ancient story from the south of Iceland is about a farmer who early one morning finds a sealpelt lying on the beach. In a cave nearby, he hears vioces and music. He takes the sealpelt home and hides it in a woodenchest. Few days later he returns to the beach and finds a crying, naked, young woman sitting on a rock. He brings her to his house where she stays, but he never tells her about the pelt. As time goes by they get married and have children. But the young woman is restless and often stares quietly out of the window at the ocean. One day when the farmer goes fishing, his wife accidentally finds the key of the chest, opens it and discovers the missing pelt. She takes leave of her children, puts the pelt on and before she dives into the ocean she says: “ I am vary anxious, with seven children on land and seven in the sea.” She never comes back but the farmer misses her terribly. Later when he goes fishing there often is a seal near his boat and its eyes are filled with tears. It is said that the farmer becomes a very lucky fisherman. And when his children play at the beach there often is a seal swimming close to land. Sometimes it brings them beautiful stones and colorful fishes. But their mother never returned.

We also carry the baby version of The Sealpelt, but the one we ordered sold immediately. We’ll be ordering it again though!

The Seablanket
Designed 2005 by Vík Prjónsdóttir
100% Icelandic wool
Two sizes Big (pictured); 95,28 x 104,33 inch/242 x 265 cm. Small (currently out of stock); 94,4 x 63,93 inch/240 x 162 cm.
Reversible, blue and white!

I love the reverse white side, it almost lulls me just looking at it!

All of the pictured blankets are available at mjölk!

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