Swords, Persimmon and Random Japanese Goodness.

November 8th, 2010

I recently received a parcel of randomness from Japan.

Suwada nail clipper, which are handmade by Japanese craftsmen. This one is made of Carbon steel.

Can opener, designed by Sori Yanagi.

I want to start collecting his more obscure designs.

The Japanese shopping experience even through mail order is really unique.

My receipts came in the form of paper cranes, along with a hand written note:

“Dear John Baker, Thank you for using our shop!

Shortened in the autumn of this year in Japan.
The persimmon which I looked forward to is a bad harvest.
I’m very disappointed.

– Yagi”

After I received the package, I got an email detailing more information about persimmons, swords, and Japanese culture:

“Japan is autumn now.

When it is autumn, in the country of Japan, the people hang a persimmon in a veranda.

And the people take time and air it.

By doing so it,

The persimmon becomes very sweet.”

“The city where I live in is famous for  knife and sword

A sword craftsman shows the making of sword every month.

These are splendid Japanese culture.

Please know the Japanese culture if you may visit Japan.”

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