Attack of the zombies (aka Reykjavik, day one)

August 6th, 2010

Our plane landed in Iceland around 6:30 AM and after picking up our bags, taking a bus into Reykjavik, and checking in at our hotel we were pretty exhausted and hungry. We stopped to have some breakfast at the Grey Cat.

The artwork to the right was made by the owner of the Grey Cat.

We definitely needed our coffee fix.

Yum! Eggs with stewed tomatoes, potatoes, bacon, and toast! The perfect cure for our zombiefication.

The interior is quite cozy with vintage copper and black painted pendant lights and lots of books.

We are staying at the 101 Hotel which used to be the Icelandic Social Democratic Party’s former home until it was transformed by owner and designer Ingiborg S. Palmadottir.

There are rows and rows of design literature throughout the lobby.

At the entrance to our room was this beautiful black glossy catch-all mounted to the wall. It fits everything perfectly.

The room is simple and clean with heated oak floors and Italian linen sheets. We really loved the 3 oak shelves in the entrance.

There is a long counter which is used as a desk, a television stand, and a bar.

Our little mini bar with some Icelandic treats.

Another cool feature was having a little drawer full of little gifts you can buy.

The bathroom took some getting used to, with its frosted glass and full mirrors.

After food and shower we headed out into the sunshine for a wander.

We were running out of fuel so we stopped off to get another round of lattes and a couple of croissants at Sandholt cafe.

Refueled, we headed down to the harbor area.

Our first dinner in Reykjavik was at La Primavera which we heard to be one of Jamie Oliver’s favorite restaurants. It’s a fusion between Icelandic and Italian cuisine, we were intrigued.

It was a bit of an early dinner, so it felt like we had the place to ourselves.

The first course was goats cheese sauce under a bed of prosciutto topped with arugula and drizzled with oil. It was very savory and the arugula added a nice peppery flavour that balanced the dish. The bread basket also saw a lot of action.

The main was slow cooked lamb, tagliatelle, Parmesan and parsley. Simple, delicious, comfort food–exactly what we needed that night.

The desert was a panna cotta with vanilla and orange garnish. I didn’t think I liked panna cotta until now.

I guess they were right about the whole Jamie Oliver thing.

Our last stop of the evening was Prikid for a couple of pints.

Viking pints of course.

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