Signal Shed

July 28th, 2010

Mariah Morrow and her partner Architect Ryan Lingard built their own cabin deep in the woods. The most inspiring part is they did it for around $57,000 including land!

The Signal shed is only 130 square feet and sits near Wallowa lake in Oregon (about 6 hours from Portland).

The cabin is completely off the grid with no running water and is heated by a wood stove that they found on Craigslist.

Cedar siding wraps around the cabin and is accompanied by recycled windows and a metal roof. The cabin sits on a platform to minimize the impact of the site. The material costs were around $10,000 and although there was 2 years of planning that went into the cabin. It was built in only 2 weeks with help from family and friends.

“We don’t think of this as a vacation house. Wherever else we live, this will always be home.”

You can get your own Signal Shed by following this link

via Sunset

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