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July 8th, 2010

We bought these Arabia planters ages ago (two from the Helsinki open air market, one from Twice Found), and never really committed to putting anything inside them! So the other day we dropped them off at Poppies on Queen West to get some slightly non-needy plants. Fingers crossed that we remember to water them once in awhile!

The inspiration for finally getting some plants was the rejoujing of the teak wall unit. Our first set up was lacking inspiration/cohesiveness – it’s a more challenging task than you can imagine. This week, John spent a few hours considering the shelf and object placement and it looks great! Hanging a piece of art also helps to finish it off.

We visited the old neighborhood and went to International Press, aka magazine heaven. We picked up some really good reads including “Habitus” an Australian design magazine, and MAN a menswear magazine.

A collection of ceramic vases, pulled from their moving boxes to see the light of day once again. I would love to get some more Scandinavian ceramics, things like the Veckla series by Stig Lindberg or the Uppsala series by Ingrid Atterberg.

I thought it would be appropriate to include this project in this post since we were featuring our new plants.

Japanese design firm Nendo did an installation called the “chair garden” here’s what they had to say about it:

“A stool grows a backrest, and becomes a chair. When an armrest sprouts from it, it is an armchair. The stool grows sideways, and becomes a bench, or lengthwise and becomes a lounge chair, or even a bed. If we can see a piece of furniture’s function changes as it grows and matures over time, we may find new clues, even a way to design form naturally.

This installation explores ways of determining form based not on function or a modular system derived from the proportions of the human body, but on ‘furniture that grows’.”

In other Nendo news, we are happy to announce that we are carrying their magnetic shoe horn at the mjolk shop!

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