Another Japanese indulgence

July 6th, 2010

Today I received a package from Hickory Noki. I guess I didn’t totally get my fill from all of those wooden spoons I purchased during our trip, I needed to get some large cooking spoons as well.

I was especially intrigued by the beautiful and unique shape of the cherry dipper spoon by Watanabe Hiroyuki. It’s quite large and holding is almost feels like holding a small shovel.

We’ve been eating a lot of fresh fruit this summer and these little wooden picks are the perfect accompaniment to a bowl of blueberries.

I haven’t really figured out what we’re going to do with these iron nails, but they were just too beautiful to pass up.

The big reason why I made this order was to buy “Small plates to make a tree” (google translate) a book about making spoons by Watanabe Hiroyuki.

I just need everything in this photo.

then some wood off cuts to whittle down.

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