Braun Multipractic Hand Blender

June 22nd, 2010

Awhile back my friend was using a hand blender and I decided I needed one too, you know, for all those salad dressings and dips I am forever making…

So John diligently searched on ebay until he found a lovely Braun to add to the collection.

Still in the box with all of its parts!

My first attempt was guacamole. This was a comical event, in that the red onion I used was so potent it made my eyes sting and water until I was a mascara mess. I dutifully chopped up onion and garlic into smaller pieces and was promptly disappointed when the hand blender didn’t do it’s job. It’s got the power, that’s for sure, but it kind of just mushed them up. No further chopping going on here. When I added the avocado, it just bunched up inside the mechanism.

Verdict: I am starting to think that a hand blender is not the kitchen assistant I was hoping it would be. Have you ever found a hand blender to be useful?

UPDATE: Well, it appears that I am simply using it for the wrong purpose. We will be eating a lot of soup come winter!

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