The Garden House by Tham & Videgård Architects

June 18th, 2010

The Garden House in Viksberg, Sweden features over sized trellis blurs the line between
indoors and out.

This is what Tham & Videgård Architects had to say about the project:

The client wanted a garden, the actual reason why they decided to move from their duplex apartment in central Stockholm to this country side location at lake Mälaren. Consequently we proposed a house conceived as an integrated vertical addition to the garden, where indoor and outdoor spaces gradually blend and interact.

The triangular foot print is the result of a steep slope that diagonally crosses the site. With one of the long facades facing south we also managed to eliminate a pure northern façade. This further helped the idea of plants climbing high on the oversized trellis that cover some of the windows so that in time they will become hidden within the greenery.

A double height winter garden also function as a natural pre-heating of fresh air. The roof terrace offers very long views over the nearby hills towards lake Mälaren.

Construction is all wood, both structure and finishes.

The house sits on a garden and over time these vines will eventually cover all of the lattice. I can’t wait to see some images of it in a few years!

Who doesn’t love a plywood kitchen complete with green counters and back splash.

I can’t really distinguish whether this is rope or white painted wire. Either way the effect is in keeping with the theme of a garden house.

via Contemporist

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