July, 2010

No green thumbs live here!

July 8th, 2010

We bought these Arabia planters ages ago (two from the Helsinki open air market, one from Twice Found), and never really committed to putting anything inside them! So the other day we dropped them off at Poppies on Queen West to get some slightly non-needy plants. Fingers crossed that we remember to water them once in awhile!

The inspiration for finally getting some plants was the rejoujing of the teak wall unit. Our first set up was lacking inspiration/cohesiveness – it’s a more challenging task than you can imagine. This week, John spent a few hours considering the shelf and object placement and it looks great! Hanging a piece of art also helps to finish it off.

We visited the old neighborhood and went to International Press, aka magazine heaven. We picked up some really good reads including “Habitus” an Australian design magazine, and MAN a menswear magazine.

A collection of ceramic vases, pulled from their moving boxes to see the light of day once again. I would love to get some more Scandinavian ceramics, things like the Veckla series by Stig Lindberg or the Uppsala series by Ingrid Atterberg.

I thought it would be appropriate to include this project in this post since we were featuring our new plants.

Japanese design firm Nendo did an installation called the “chair garden” here’s what they had to say about it:

“A stool grows a backrest, and becomes a chair. When an armrest sprouts from it, it is an armchair. The stool grows sideways, and becomes a bench, or lengthwise and becomes a lounge chair, or even a bed. If we can see a piece of furniture’s function changes as it grows and matures over time, we may find new clues, even a way to design form naturally.

This installation explores ways of determining form based not on function or a modular system derived from the proportions of the human body, but on ‘furniture that grows’.”

In other Nendo news, we are happy to announce that we are carrying their magnetic shoe horn at the mjolk shop!

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Another Japanese indulgence

July 6th, 2010

Today I received a package from Hickory Noki. I guess I didn’t totally get my fill from all of those wooden spoons I purchased during our trip, I needed to get some large cooking spoons as well.

I was especially intrigued by the beautiful and unique shape of the cherry dipper spoon by Watanabe Hiroyuki. It’s quite large and holding is almost feels like holding a small shovel.

We’ve been eating a lot of fresh fruit this summer and these little wooden picks are the perfect accompaniment to a bowl of blueberries.

I haven’t really figured out what we’re going to do with these iron nails, but they were just too beautiful to pass up.

The big reason why I made this order was to buy “Small plates to make a tree” (google translate) a book about making spoons by Watanabe Hiroyuki.

I just need everything in this photo.

then some wood off cuts to whittle down.

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Happy Canada Day!

July 1st, 2010

What did you do to celebrate?

Apparently we ate our faces off.

Starting with last night. John was feeling like exercising his culinary chops, so he made his very first risotto. Perfection (and looking forward to the leftovers tonight).

An unusual midweek day off for us meant heading over to the Annex to visit a favourite brunch spot that has been off our roster lately. At Insomnia, we always sit at the bar, and I secretly am peeved when someone is sitting in our precise spot, as there was today (bar was otherwise empty). Our favourite waitress was there which made up for that! By the way, Insomnia has great coffee. You just want to sit there and drink and drink and drink. I got the eggs florentine. They put dill in the sauce, and their potatoes are crazy ketchupy and strangely yummy.

John got the waffle with fruit. I took it to the extreme and had one quarter of it for dessert. What is my problem?

Because we slept in this morning (luxurious!), we literally headed home after brunch and packed up our stuff for a picnic in the park. We met Aprile and Jory, and Chloé and Adam at the busy High Park entrance. I proceeded to lead them into uncharted territory in the search for the perfect picnic spot. We ended up near the restaurant (charted territory). John brought his trusty splint basket!

A nice little spot.

Aprile and Jory are using the Furoshiki paper gift we brought back for them from Japan!

And the eating begins again! Aprile roasted pork this morning and we had sandwiches. Delish.

Jory’s potato salad.

A musical interlude.

Chloé’s blueberry scones, Aprile’s apple and raspberry pie, and oh no! I forgot to have Aprile’s granola bar for the road. Dang. Recipes please. Chloé had the bright idea of putting whip cream and strawberries on the scones to make them into impromptu strawberry shortcakes and my stomach approved.

Food coma.

Aprile’s homemade raspberry lemonade. Pretty!

That was my first ever High Park picnic, and it was so relaxing and fun. So glad that we live nearby! Thanks to everyone for all the delicious food that you brought. Sorry we kind of free loaded. Heh…..

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