March, 2010

Form & Forest

March 17th, 2010

Well it’s the middle of March and winter seems to be completely over around here. There really wasn’t much snow all winter, which was good for me because I wasn’t too excited to wake up early and shovel the sidewalk before someone slipped and broke their neck in front of the store. The lack of snow is pushing my parents to look to the great north in search of a winter wonderland to let them snowmobile until their heart’s content. Prefab cabins came up and I’m doing my best to persuade them to a modern prefab from Form & Forest.

I’m really in love with the Settler (above 2 photos)

The Settler 992 sq feet – Cabin kit price $86,900

Lookout – There are a multitude of vantage points to capture the wealth of life that exists both inside and outside the cabin walls.  From the glimpses into the courtyard from the second floor windows or the sweeping views from the glass fronted living area there is a lot to look forward to and look at every weekend

Lookout 1559 sq feet on 2 floors – Cabin kit price $99,900

Cowboy – Outfitted with a massive deck, interior courtyard, master bedroom and a bathtub with a view to the stars the Cowboy is perfect for a couple or small family.

Cowboy – 635 sq feet – Cabin kit price $68,000

A look inside the Cowboys interior, complete with open bathtub to a little courtyard garden.

If you get the chance, you should definitely check out the rest of the prefabs at Form & Forest!

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Thrifting in the Junction

March 16th, 2010

Our day off yesterday was a bit of a mess but near its end, we took a walk in the neighborhood and happened to pop into World Headquarters where we picked up this Cathrineholm black enamel plate. I think it’s the first time we haven’t had to compromise on colour.

Then the boys started talking about guitars (boring!) so I took some iphone pics of the shop for you (sorry for the quality):

There isn’t a sign so look for pelle-melle interior and the random signage up top.

Hmm, upon actual consideration, that wooden boat is pretty rad.

Retro pop machine anyone?

Resident kitka.

We kind of dig this weird Norway painting but we’re not sure if we love or hate the viking sword and shield. Love the text and moody backdrop for sure.

So if you’re in the hood, check out World Headquarters and say hello to Mark. He has a high turnover of goods, often holds auctions and has reasonably thrifty prices.

2885 Dundas Street West

He has no designated hours but tends to be open any time I walk by. Often he is just hanging out jamming away on the guitar…

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New Website!

March 13th, 2010

Ok, so you’ve probably noticed over the last few days the beta testing for our new site. There’s no surprising you.

A slicker look and hey! Easy navigation is back! Some important links along the top so you can catch up on our travel, renos and neighborhood, and the archives are all working again as well. Also, quick links to the mjölk shop and news. Yay navigation!

A little background on the design. When we were first picking a name for the blog (so hard!), we loved the sentence from a William Kurelek book, that read “Kitka and the swallows”. Kitka means cat in Ukrainian. When it came time to pick a name for the store, John suggested mjölk, meaning milk in Swedish and coincidentally complimentary to Kitka. Thus the cat and milk drawing.

The redesign was done by Sali Tabacchi. Thanks guys!

There is one thing you can help us with. It’s still in beta testing mode, so please, if you are finding glitches or think that weird things are happening, please let us know what type of browser you are using and what the problems are. Most appreciated!

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Business trip essentials

March 11th, 2010

M.A bag-4

Well we are just a couple of weeks away from our business trip to Tokyo and during this trip I want to be as professional as possible so I found myself a classic M.A+ doctors bag from Sydney’s on Queen St. W. (they have the best menswear in the city).

M.A bag-5

Leather is one of the very few things that gets better with age, the more it wears the more character it will get and for me this bag is a one time investment. It already looks like something my grandfather could have had.

M.A bag-1

Very low tech construction but the details are just beautiful.

M.A bag-2

The cross is the M.A+ signature.

M.A bag-3

This bag will make a great carry on for the plane as well, I’m already planning out what I’ll be bringing.

from front row left:

* White lines notebook
* Leica D-LUX 3 camera
* Wallpaper city guide: Tokyo
* Wooden business card holder

M.A bag-6

It passes the laptop test!

M.A bag-7

Juli got a new lens and it’s taking some great pictures!

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Dream come true: CPH Square travel kitchen

March 10th, 2010


Danish company CPH Square has some of the best kitchens in the world, and their new travel kitchen is what dreams are made of. What really makes it, is that you can use it indoors or outdoors.



This seems like a good time to let everyone know mjolk now carries all Arne Jacobsen designed Vola products including the KV1 in the image above! We have one on the floor right now in blue, and the HV1 bathroom fixture in red. Come by and check them out!


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Architect feature: Atelier Bow-Wow

March 4th, 2010

Peter from Studio Junction visited today and told me about an incredible architect firm called Atelier Bow-Wow.

Tread Machiya in Meguroku, Tokyo.


treadmachiya04 treadmachiya06

Pony Garden in Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan.





Ikushima Library in Kokubunji, Tokyo. (We’d love to visit)





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