January, 2010

You’ll never guess what we found…

January 8th, 2010

Our apartment is pretty drafty in the living room and it seems that we go to bed every day much to early just so we can get nice and warm under the sheets. This at times can make me a little anxious and start to putter around the bedroom. Last night I decided to rip up a bit of the floor. What do you think I found?


Picture 1

Now we’re getting excited! We thought it wouldn’t be another year or two before we started the reno, but I think if we take it slow and tear up the flooring room by room it will be a nice gradual transformation. Now we’re looking through our favorite blogs for some bedroom inspiration.

The above photo has an amazing black painted floor and simple pendant light. The nice white curtains would be great to hide our wardrobe until our HAY loop stands make it over from Denmark. Another thing! We probably aren’t going to do a headboard on the bed, but this one is just beautiful. It looks like a teak and white headboard which it might not be, but if it is it is just brilliant!

via apartment therapy

black pendant lights over bed

Again the black pendant lights look stunning along with the black built in book shelf.


I think we’d go with the A110 pendant light by Alvar Aalto. We should be getting a big Artek shipment very soon and I can’t wait to put one to the side for us. The matte black and the shiny brass just looks amazing!

bed on floor

This is a great photo, a nice cushy bed on the floor with a minimal side table, black pendant light, black and blue rug, and carafe.

bed with snow cabinets

Here are those gorgeous Snow cabinets!  I think we’d be more into the lower cabinet so we could use it for clothing storage but have it low enough to make it look like a credenza.

white floors bedroom

Now in all likely hood we’ll probably have white floors and soft grey and white linen sheets.

black slates in bedroom

It would be nice to do something interesting to a wall so it’s not too boring. This wall kind of reminds me of the charred cedar slats we have outside. I can’t image ever doing that again no matter how good it looks.

We’ll keep you posted!

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Inspiration from a Danish cabin

January 7th, 2010

We just saw this beautiful Danish cabin on My Scandinavian Retreat and wanted to share it with everyone!


I love the combination of oak and teak in this Hans Wegner dining set. It’s also interesting having the second level living area.

620[1] (3)

I love the stain on that black ash kitchen, it reminds me of what we have in mind for the kitchen at the store, except ours will have a  solid teak counter top! Also, all those Flower pot pendant lights just blew my mind!


This person has very nice taste, I especially like the Arne Jacobsen swan chair and vintage Borge Mogensen spanish chairs.

620[1] (2)

If anyone’s looking for a set of these chairs we actually carry them at mjolk!

620[1] (4)

Same with this beautiful Mogens Lassen candle holder, it’s one of our favorite design objects.

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Know any Scandinavian art photographers?

January 6th, 2010

So we have signed up to be a venue for the Contact Photography Festival this spring. We would ideally like to feature work by a Scandinavian artist (this includes: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland), whose work reflects the look/feel/mood of the Nordic countries.

And did I mention I am working on a tight deadline? Like January 13th, I need to have someone registered if we want to be in the catalog.

I am having a big problem with searching for Scandinavian photographers. Reasons being: 1) everyone and anyone is a “photographer”, 2) language barrier is making searching google tough, 3) artists often don’t have websites!

So, to all our Scandinavian friends out there (and to anyone else who might have a lead), we are looking for a Scandinavian art photographer that is preferably emerging or established, though students could be considered.

Oh, and if you simply know of someone who is inspired by Scandinavia, or has that sort of sensibility in their work, and they are not from Scandinavia, throw it out there too – the more to choose from the better!

Feel free to throw some names out there (in the comments section) – websites or contact info for the artist would be most appreciated.

Thanks for your help!

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Happy New Year! Happy Anniversary!

January 5th, 2010

It’s a new year, but we can’t help but marvel at all we accomplished last year. So with new readers thanks to the Homies and NOW’s Best of the year issue, we thought we’d reintroduce a few of it’s highlights. Stay tuned for a bit of a blog renovation–a permalink snaffu has made navigation VERY difficult (among other renos in the works).

1. January 8, 2009: Kitka Design Toronto is born. I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. When life was simply about thrifting, visiting shops and finding cool Canadian young designers.

January 2009 round up – thrifting
February 2009 round up – Interior Design Show, Radian Dark
March 2009 round up
– teak week!
April 2009 round up – store watches, Canadian design, before & afters


2. June, 2009: we thrifted our way through Scandinavia.


Day One, Copenhagen;


We spent an evening with Arne Jacobsen;


Bought some vintage PH lights;


Crawled all over the spectacular new Oslo Opera House;


Hung out with vikings;


Ate well in Stockholm here and here;


Thrifted and dream thrifted in Stockholm;


Adored Helsinki (even though they shut down the city for midsummer celebrations, leaving us to wander about like zombies);


Fell for the Aalto home;


And snagged an impromptu private tour of the Arabia factory.

3. Summer 2009: We renovated an inherited cottage, taking it from tired and dated to fresh and Scandinavian inspired.


Yup… That’s what it used to look like.


The discovery of hardwood flooring underneath layers of vintage tiles;


Exposing the cedar ceiling once again (last seen circa 1987);


And then covering it up again with cloud white paint;


Um, and the floors too;


Throw in some vintage furniture


cottage reveal-5

The big reveal!

4. mjölk: pure scandinavian is born.



The old Urbanscape gallery…

Mjolk under construction-12

Under construction;


mjolk shop front-3

We’re open!

Whew, what a trip down memory lane! Thanks to all of you who came along for the ride!

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