December, 2009

DIY: Porcelain light fixtures

December 8th, 2009

New lights in hallway-1

We’re sick of these gross glass ceiling shades.

New lights in hallway-2

They’re all over the apartment, in every room, it was especially terrible in the hallway since it is ugly times 4.

New lights in hallway-3

We decided to make a trip over to the stockyards and pick up a bunch of these porcelain fixtures. They are just so pleasant simple and industrial, the clear 40watt bulbs have a nice exposed filament look to them.

New lights in hallway-4

I (John) am actually proud of myself because I became a man yesterday, instead of my usual man/boy reality, I did a manly man DIY. The idea of doing electrical was a bit overwhelming at first, but I was surprised how easy it turned out to be. I was so jazzed up I even re-wired a pendant light and strung it up over our dining table. You’ll have to check back for photos.

New lights in hallway-5

I know it’s hard to tell what an improvement it is from the photos, but it’s much nicer. At least we think so… We did have someone come by today and they weren’t into them, but our tastes are probably much different.

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Oh! Christmas Tree!

December 7th, 2009


A few weeks ago, while at Home Depot for some random electrical stuff, we caught the live Christmas tree bug (and almost impulse bought an electric fireplace while we were at it). I wish we could have bought this stand, but didn’t have the foresight…so of course we had to deal with what was on offer. The Devo inspired selection we picked up is actually pretty cool.

That night, we attempted to decorate said tree, only to find one very important thing: LED xmas lights are ugly. They are weird extreme colours and seem to buzzzzz my eyes. We had one strand of cool white which wasn’t bright at all, and one strand of colours. We attempted the colour strand but the only theme that arose was tacky 80s mish mash. So I am sorry to say, incandescent it is! I tried…

After all this light drama, the tree sat unadorned for a week and a half until this weekend we finally made it all pretty. This is the first year with this theme/colour scheme (the past 4 years I had been doing a blue/silver/white combo with an antique feel).


Iittala Taika glass ball.


Straw decoration from Ikea a few years ago.


Vintage set of 4 I bought from the St. Lawrence Antique Market about 7 years ago.


Paper origami – currently at Ikea. I love the subtle punch of black. I also got these in red and white.


Red wood bead garland. I think I got it from Canadian Tire a few years ago, to wind around a wreath. I’d love a bit more as this strand isn’t enough.


Ikea again, from a few years ago. I actually have 4 sizes of this but only used the smallest on the tree this time.


Awesome vintage Santa…


…and accompanying Mrs. Claus.


Apples from my dad’s decoration collection.


As are the bells.


And finally, the angel at the top. Vintage from Value Village.

I love this tree – it’s like a wedding: something old, something new, something borrowed, something…oh well…close enough.

You know what I want? I want to see what you’re all up to! Send us a pic of your decorations please please please! info [at] kitkadesigntoronto [dot] com

Happy Holidays!

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Eye Buy Art

December 5th, 2009

I know it’s unconventional for us to post on a Saturday, but these here are unconventional times for us. And besides, I wanted to be one of the first to share this terrific new website with you!


Eye Buy Art is a brand spanking new website where you can buy limited edition photographs from a carefully curated crop of emerging photographers.

The site itself is well constructed with an emphasis on art education in a non-intimidating way–each piece is accompanied by an artist statement while the FAQ and Art 101 are also helpful for new art collectors.

From what I gather, once they are running at full speed, they will be releasing a new image every week (so join their mailing list!).

The price structure for each piece seems to run $25 (smallest size), $50, $250, $500 and $1000 (largest size) – with slight variations depending on the piece. So no matter what, if you like a piece, there is a price point for you. The more they cost, the smaller the edition. And you can keep tabs on their availability because each time one is sold, it says how many are remaining.

Enough of me yapping, here are my current faves:


Becky Comber
You’re Too Far Away, 2008


Marshall Byrd Sterling
Ursus maritimus, 2007


Mark Kasumovic
Ideal Landscape #1, 2008

Now go buy some art!

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December 4th, 2009

Our friend Lucas sent us some photos of gorgeous terrariums that he’s been building lately…anyone know where he can get more unique glass containers?








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mjolk store update

December 2nd, 2009

Sorry for being so MIA lately. It’s getting down to crunch time – only 12 more days until we open and there is still way too much to do. Yikes! We have a lot to say too, but it’s all mjölk blog related so we’re having to save it up for when the site goes live. But check out the progress that has been made in the store!


Floor! Not on the floor! (yet)


Desk! What a lovely piece of furniture to have to touch every day. Look at the wood grain! This is some beautiful reclaimed wood from a local factory.


The exposed brick is going to be covered, in order to hide wiring and also because it doesn’t jive well with the whole Scandinavian woodsy vibe. Peek through the window to see a bit of the dramatic feature wall!



rainy day-1

rain…perfect for a cozy night in playing some music, John on the lap steel, Juli plunking away on the acoustic and then opting for the less crippling Wurlitzer.

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