November, 2009

Kitka bathroom: Wants & Needs

November 20th, 2009

bathroom images-1

Beige beige beige, everywhere, builders grade no less. Awful.

bathroom images-2

Yum. These weird water stains are verging on horror movie. I think they just put up drywall and painted it beige without even priming the drywall. It was sucking up the white paint like crazy.

bathroom images-3

Not to get too adventurous in the bathroom we decided just to stick with the same white we used in the living room. As you can see it’s a big difference between the shades.

bathroom images-5

Well kind of a big difference also: blinding.

bathroom images-6

Dream hairspray Juli’s friend Noelle brought back from Norway. There’s no dream better than dream brand dream spray by dream brothers.

bathroom images-10

Well the white helps, but still this bathroom is quite boring. It needs some skittles for sure.

bathroom images-7

This vipp used to be our green bin container which was a good and bad idea. I like it much better in the bathroom.

bathroom images-8

Oh yea I forgot to mention the lighting in the bathroom is pretty gross. You can also find these glass shades throughout the rest of the apartment. I guess it could be worse.

Now we’d like to do something called Kitka’s want and needs, because there are always way more wants than needs. In this game we get to say what we need followed by what we would LOVE to use.

Kitka needs: New Towels!

Kitka wants: Vipp towels:

Picture 2
Just a wonderful set of towels, they are a blend of cotton and bamboo. Bamboo has a lot of anti-bacterial properties which works great in the bathroom, and the gray would look amazing against the white walls.

Kitka needs: A bathroom mat

Kitka wants: Skagerak teak bathroom mat

Teak is just so durable and warm.

Kitka needs: New shower hooks

Kitka wants: Vola accessories

Picture 8

Magnetic soap holder

Picture 7

Arne Jacobsen designed towel hooks. Now I’m thinking this blue/green colour reminds me of Room 606 by Arne Jacobsen, which would be a really neat colour to have in our bathroom! Along with a bunch of Arne Jacobsen designed hardware? Oh yes please!

Picture 9

Arne Jacobsen designed toothbrush holder

Picture 6

Arne Jacobsen designed toothpaste holder. He also designed a wall mounted bottle opener and ashtray which we would love to rock in our bathroom. Too bad neither of us smoke…or drink whilst bathing.

Kitka needs: a new light

Kitka wants: Louis Poulsen Ballerup ceiling light


Designed for a high school in Denmark, this ceiling light provides a soft downward light thanks to it’s opal glass cylinder. It would be perfect for our bathroom!

Yes, please.

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Apartment update: Børge Mogensen sofa

November 18th, 2009

borge mogensen sofa-4

Well I want to start this post off by saying THANK YOU to all the carpenters downstairs in the store that helped us get this sofa in the apartment. It only took removing 2 doors, one of which had to have its entire frame removed.
And carrying it up a very narrow fire escape…

borge mogensen sofa-6

It does look so much better, and closer to our intention of white, black, and teak.

borge mogensen sofa-5

The Arne Jacobsen floor light was a very worthwhile investment for us, we use them everyday for long periods of time.

borge mogensen sofa-7

The Hans Bølling duck family is so awesome!

borge mogensen sofa-9

This is said doorframe that needed to be removed, it looks much more rustic now.

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N House by Jun Aoki

November 17th, 2009

Picture 2

Jun Aoki used the archetype of a house to the fullest extent. Although it appears the living space is on the first floor, it is tucked away from view downstairs.

Picture 1

The interior is quite beautiful with use of white, black and light wood. And I can’t get enough of that staircase.

Picture 3

via Yatzer

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Apartment: We’re getting there!

November 16th, 2009

apartment almost finished-11

It’s really starting to feel a lot more cozy in here. The one thing we are still missing is our black leather sofa, but we were smart enough to keep Juli’s parents old sofa from the 70s. The sofa was originally upholstered in brown suede but unfortunately got re-upholstered in the 80s.

apartment almost finished-12

The two wishbone chairs work really nice as side chairs, but now we don’t have any dining chairs! You may have guessed a lot of our furniture was sold before we moved (we had to seriously downsize) plus the buyer of our previous house really liked our stuff and made us some offers we couldn’t refuse. Now we have to decide to get new dining chairs or new side chairs, no complaint here but where do you think the wishbone chairs look best?

apartment almost finished-13

The bay windows are much larger in person and provides such an amazing display area.

apartment almost finished-10

Let’s take a closer look…

apartment almost finished-7

The Arabia pots which we would eventually like to use as a mini herb garden.

apartment almost finished-8

One of our favorite pieces: Jens Quistgaard’s Viking bowl.

apartment almost finished-2

I think the next trip we’ll be taking will be to Japan.

apartment almost finished-9

I really want to get some more glassware as these windows light up the glass in the nicest way.

apartment almost finished-3

Coffee break with our Kaj Franck designed cup and saucer that we got in Copenhagen.

apartment almost finished-15

I can’t wait till we string up our PH5 light over this table, it’s going to look amazing!

apartment almost finished-5

Juli picked up this vintage tea trolley from a family friend.

apartment almost finished-4

Snowfall white.

apartment almost finished-14

The Eco Spec no V.O.C paint was a bit pricey but it was well worth it. It didn’t have any smell and we didn’t have to open any windows.

apartment almost finished-16

Well as you can see there’s still one wall left to paint and quite a few boxes but it’s really starting to feel like home.

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Painting the apartment: part 1

November 13th, 2009

painting the apartment-2

There’s nothing that gets an apartment feeling more like a home than giving it a coat of paint. In this case white paint!

All the red was really clashing with our stuff so the first thing I wanted to do was paint the bay window and the red accent wall in the living room.

painting the apartment-4

I forgot how hard it was to paint over red… It took 2 coats of primer and 3 coats of Benjamin Moore “Snowfall White.” We were going to go with our usual standby of “Cloud White” but at the 11th hour decided to give a new umm, non-colour, a try. Since we’re north facing we needed something with a touch of warmth, but wanted a fairly pure white to effectively showcase our furniture, because that’s what it’s really all about, right?

You can also see our dining table has turned into Kitka/Mjölk’s new office.

painting the apartment-1

This is the before. It was beige beige. We actually finished most of the painting today but right now it’s too dark to photograph. Hopefully we’ll have some images Monday!

painting the apartment-5

Just think white – black – teak.

painting the apartment-6

It’s looking better already! We can’t wait to get the rest of the boxes unpacked and find a way to get our sofa in here.

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Norwegian house of chipboard

November 12th, 2009


We found this interesting home using an even more affordable material than plywood. We’re talking about chipboard!


We thought this would be somewhat relevant since we have an entire chipboard floor downstairs and we’ve decided to cover it up. But here it is being used in an interesting way.


I love that library! I guess you’d need a ladder if you ever wanted to grab a book.


Chipboard is very busy, the the simplicity of the kitchen and open living room evens it out.



I wonder if they have any issues with off gassing?


Well what do you think? Could you live in a chip board house?

via Trendir

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