September, 2009

New From Normann Copenhagen!

September 9th, 2009

gry fager 1
Normann Copenhagen has just released a new line of servingware inspired by traditional Danish textiles.
gry fager 2

Designed by Gry Fager the line includes plates, buttering boards, eggcups, a milk jug, a sugar bowl and a decanter. 


The Mormor series is made for the modern kitchen and dining table using ceramics as its point of departure, and it definitely applies to the traditional kitchen. Not only that, structures and patterns along with familiar kitchen items such as cloths and dishcloths are contained in the visual expression of this series.

via Dezeen


Even more good news! Normann Copenhagen is also reissuing Krenit bowls designed by Herbert Krenchel, originally designed in 1953.


The bowl is relaunched in two different sizes, the larger bowl named “baddekarret” (the bath tub) has never been in production previously. The colours released are white, blue, and green. I hope they release the “classic” colours eventually!

via Arren Williams

Herbert Krenchel had this to say:

“In 1953 the idea was to make a beautiful bowl, preferably so functional and delicate that it was equally suited for use in the kitchen, on the dining table and as a decoration in the sitting room. As a material researcher I really concentrated on getting the different materials to match and look good together as well as making them equally compatible to use together. Enamel is a fantastic material, and even today my heart yearns for an enamel bowl. It is fantastic that the Krenit bowl is coming into production once more”.

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eBay find: Michael Lax Iroquois Primaries creamer

September 4th, 2009

michael lax-2

Well it’s been a long time since we’ve attained a design object from Michael Lax’s Iroquois Primaries line. The line was inspired by the tension between light and dark and now I finally have a black creamer to pair with my white sugar bowl!

michael lax-1

You might have seen this listing on eBay, it was for a pair of creamers. Surprisingly there wasn’t much competition and I got the two creamers for 25 bucks! These are incredibly rare and as much as I liked getting the deal, I was kind of disappointed with the lack of enthusiasm for these design objects. Michael Lax is one of my favorite designers and even though he has quite a following in the design community, it seems he is still fairly unknown.

michael lax-3

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Nestled In

September 3rd, 2009

I came across a wonderful Blog called Nestled In and I was greeted with these beautiful images of Katja’s grandparent’s cottage in Finland.


I love this red striped rug being used outside!



My new regret for the cottage: not getting rid of our old stove and replacing it with a camping stove! We hardly use the stove since we do most of our cooking on the barbeque, and think about all that counter space we could have saved!


It looks so nice! But that’s not all, after going to Nestled In’s homepage I found out that they are doing all sorts of amazing DIY stuff.


I really love their home; I can’t wait to see what comes next!

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Ebay find: Danish Wool “Waterbearer” AKA Merman!

September 2nd, 2009


Sometimes when you deprive yourself from eBay for a really long time your judgment takes a lapse. Fortunately this wall hanging turned out to be pretty cool, plus it was only 9 bucks! I think it was the description that got me:


Because sometimes you just need to throw out a designers name in there.


This is a self portrait of me with a beard, fish tail, and trident.


“The Waterbearer” which will help out with the crop next year.


The colours are quite similar to our Berber rug, but I have a feeling this will probably make it’s home at the cottage.


Just some more wooly goodness.


I love the teak accent. I have a close connection with this hanging that Juli doesn’t know about. I actually came across the exact same wall hanging at a store in Helsinki. We were at capacity and I couldn’t justify the purchase, but I felt that me and Merman would be reunited again someday….

Well it turns out that was yesterday, and we are very happy regardless of our unconventional relationship.

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Cottage: Details

September 1st, 2009

First, let me just thank everyone who left a comment on our Cottage renovation reveal!

Cottage Details-7

We celebrated the completion of the cottage with some friends over the weekend. When we made it back to the city it dawned on us… This may have been the last weekend we’ll have up here this season. Of course we’ll have to board up the cottage at the end of the month so we’ll be able to say our goodbyes, but we took our last dip in Georgian Bay on Saturday. It’s quite sad, we spent so much time working and renovating I don’t feel we had enough time to really enjoy it.

Cottage Details-8

When our guests left Sunday morning we weren’t as eager to leave, I had Juli’s camera out and took some more photographs of the cottage. I know we’ve been giving you cottage overload lately, but you’ll have to wait a year to see it again!

Cottage Details-1

It got pretty chilly in the mornings so we started a fire, and we kept it burning all day. It reminds me how desperate I am for a fireplace at home during the Canadian winters.

Cottage Details-15

Super cosy.

Cottage Details-14

Cottage Details-13

We picked up a Tivoli radio at Bay Bloor Radio on the way up to the cottage Friday. We’re always listening to the CBC during the drives to and from the cottage, we even had an on going joke about calling the cottage “Definitely Not Sarah’s Cottage”, after seeing Sarah Richardson’s Georgian Bay cottage on her design T.V. show. We would refer to our cottage as “DNSC” after the CBC program “Definitely Not The Opera”… It’s just nice having something on in the background while you’re making breakfast or laying around flipping through a magazine. Plus you can hook an Ipod up to it and have a crazy dance party.

Cottage Details-17

Cottage Details-18

This old atomic magazine rack from the 50s made a terrific firewood carrier.

Cottage Details-2

Stacked logs.

Cottage Details-9

Elk antlers.

Cottage Details-10

Ceramic figurines thrifted on our trip to Scandinavia.

Cottage Details-11

The ceiling slightly resembles a leaf.

Cottage Details-12

Cottage Details-4

Here’s a closer look at our under counter fridges’ handles, we made it from scrap wood from the kitchen’s birch ply counter top.

Cottage Details-6

It was as simple as cutting the shape of a handle and drilling it directly into the plywood covers with some super strong decking screws. Just cover up the holes with wood filler, sand it down after it dries, and seal it with a clear coat finish.

Cottage Details-21

A wonderful fish tea towel we purchased in Stockholm.

Cottage Details-3

Red cross.

Cottage Details-22

We purchased these at Value Village, they’re so cool looking on the wall.

Cottage Details-16

“Avoiding Goblins to be caught by Wolves”

Cottage Details-19

Cottage Details-20

We picked up some 2 dollar Super Nintendo games at the Salvation Army, it was really fun playing some nostalgic video games, plus Super Mario Cart two player was quite the hit!

Cottage Details-23

Blue door.

Cottage Details-26

Some old Cowboy Western books.

Cottage Details-27

Lisa Larson fox & Canada drum.

Cottage Details-25

Coloured bars on our old Hudson Bay point blanket.

Cottage Details-24


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