March, 2009

Teak Week: Grete Jalk’s Coffee Table

March 6th, 2009

Today we’re featuring Grete Jalk’s Surfboard coffee table, Hooray! (Teak Week was becoming too much of a Boy’s Club).  Combining all the best qualities of Danish design, it’s a familiar shape that can be found throughout vintage shops and boutiques. If you were wondering what a lot of these models were fashioned after, this is the table. It has beautiful tapered legs and an ingenious magazine rack, which frees up space on the top of the table. We’re happy to say these tables are still attainable and their prices haven’t gone through the roof like we’ve seen from other Danish designers.


There seems to be a resurgence in Grete Jalk’s work recently, but it took long enough! The introduction to the Surfboard table in the 60s wasn’t necesarrily the tremendous hit across the pond, as it was for the likes of Hans Wegner and Finn Juhl. Although she was hailed by her peers for her designs of living spaces, Jalk’s claim to fame came later with the Molded Plywood Lounge chair, designed in 1963, it was a completley orginal design and took molded wood efforts to a new level.

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Teak Week: Using teak in your home

March 5th, 2009

Ok, so we only have so much stuff in our home to share with you (and we’re nearly tapped out on the teak front). Thus, I was inspired by a recent Lisa Canning post, where she put together a bunch of objects (teak dresser, a lamp, art, a pillow etc) to create an entire look for a room. So I thought I’d try my hand at it!

The teak items I chose I nabbed from, mostly because their photos are clean and clear. I will tell you right now, is the type of place that makes you register to know the prices, so you can imagine what they are. That said, I chose teak items that you can easily find versions of either on Craigslist or at the following stores in Toronto (or basically any vintage furniture store anywhere):

zig zag

Machine Age Modern


Teak Sideboard: Jens Quistgaard, circa 1960 from Sideboards pop up on Craigslist all the time.
Vintage Lithograph Print: by Antonio Guanse from UpsideDive, $150. I love love love this print. Every time I pay Upside a visit I secretly wish it’s still there, because I know I’ll be sad when it’s gone. Why don’t I buy it already?!?
Graphic rug: by Toronto textile artist Bev Hisey, email for prices.
Table lamp: Noguchi Akari Lamp 3 from Pazo on Queen St. East has them and a variety of other Noguchi lamp shapes, email them for price.
Pottery: Most vintage furniture shops carry at least a bit of pottery. Best selection we’ve come across is definitely at Rogue Gallery, 733 Queen Street East. Prices vary from $10-$500. Read the rest of this entry »

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Teak Week: Kay Bojesen’s Monkey

March 5th, 2009


Kay Bojesen’s monkey started it’s life as a Danish Television wildlife program mascot, as well as a prize on a popular children’s quiz show. Designed in 1951 this cute little toy became an instant classic, and has shown it’s immense staying power being produced for half a century! Inspiring generations of children and adults alike, transforming bedrooms (and offices) into jungles it is truly a design classic. Still made from Teak & African Limba wood, we haven’t been able to scrounge up the money to purchase one yet but hopefully we’ll find a vintage one very soon!


A Monkey on a sled being pulled by an elephant? (Adorable)

Photo credit, Oliver Tomas

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Teak Week: Teak Seek, your submissions!

March 4th, 2009

You may remember Evan Lackey from the IDS: DESIGNGENNEXT post. He just sent us some photos of some teak furniture recently purchased by his parents (for their own home).


I love this gorgeous sofa (and the dog is pretty cute too!). The lines are so soft and simple, while the new upholstery makes it fresh and current.
Evan: The couch is insane, 84 inches long… very thin frame, but really sturdy.  We got the couch and chair for $200 and had white leather cushions made, since the original foam and upholstery had disintegrated.


Here’s the accompanying chair. It’s so nice to be able to get a set!


The side unit we bought for about 180$… it’s nice, there is a shot of the manufacturers label too.


Always look out for manufacturers labels – they can help determine the value of a piece. Generally if a piece has a label or marking of some sort, it will be worth more.

Thanks for sharing Evan!

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Teak Week: Poul Cadovius Teak Wall Unit

March 4th, 2009

The other week we shared with you our teak wall unit, made by Danish designer Poul Cadovius. My mom found one for sale on ebay and accompanying it were some shots from the catalog, which I thought we’re kind of cool.


The cover of the catalog details the incredible bracket and pole system.


I never thought about putting it in the middle of the room (I couldn’t anyway, but it’s a great idea). The flexibilty of these modular systems means that you can make them work in almost any space.


A few more groovy spaces. Interestingly, it seems that in magazines like Dwell, the modern building style of using a lot of wood panelling in an interior is making a comeback. We love this look, and think that it was the gradual use of cheap materials that eventually turned people off of the wood panelled room. Yay, comebacks!

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Teak Week: Jens H Quistgaard

March 4th, 2009


You may remember the Dansk Fjord set of cutlery in our february article from Kitka’s top 10 favorite flatware, but you may not know the significance of it’s design. During a tour of Scandinavia, Ted Nierenberg an American Entrepreneur stumbled across a hand forged knife and fork design by Jens Quistgaard at the Copenhagen Museum. The beautiful marriage of steel and teak was completely new and fresh and intrigued Nierenberg enough to seek out Quistgaard where they began discussing the potential of a mass produced line of cutlery. In 1954 the Fjord Flatware line was created, and Dansk was born.


One of our favorite designers, our house is littered with Quistgaard designs, here’s our own collection of Jens Quistgaard’s teak products.

for more information about Jens Quistgaard check out our review of the book: Danish Pepper

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