Cottage Reno

Cottage Exposed Shelving

August 16th, 2009


Well we’re back again from a long weekend at the cottage, this time we got to do a little decorating! While we were tearing down the old musty 60 + year old drywall we found that the only thing standing between us and the outdoors was beautiful exposed cedar slats. We toyed with the idea of leaving all the walls exposed but came to the conclusion it wouldn’t be too comfortable with the wind whistling through our walls during those cold spring nights. We wanted to keep a piece of this architectural detail, to remind us of the construction of the cottage so we left a set of studs completely exposed to be used as shelving.

We had a really fun time getting out some of our nic knacks to make a display, but first! Let me tell you about what we put on our table. The two teapots are by Ulla Procope for Arabia Finland, the larger white pot was a wedding present for Juli’s parents in the 70s, Juli’s mom was nice enough to search through her cupboards and lend it to us indefinetly. We also were lucky enough to get a smaller black tea pot for 3 dollars during a thrifting adventure in Southern Ontario. The black candleabra we found in the cottage’s boat house while we were looking for the sconces.



Jens Quistgaard trivet. During the long dark Scandinavian winters, these trivets were reminiscent of the warm spring to come.
Ebay, $5.


“Enjoy!” trivet from Japan, Value Village $3. Matching Ulla Procope sugar and creamer set from Juli’s Mom.


Kay Bojesen soldier from a Danish cruise ship duty free. Aarikka Finland napkin holder, Ebay $15.


Well this half of the cottage is looking pretty good, despite the one unstrung Poul Henningsen light. Stay tuned for more pictures later this week!

P.s. maybe next year we can replace the Deck X’s of Death with wooden slats…

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Reno Reveal: Wall Sconces

August 13th, 2009


Awhile back when we were in destructo mode, we had two nice gaping holes on either side of the fireplace thanks to the removal of my dad’s somewhat fishy taste in decor.

estatesale-24 estatesale-23

I’ve been wanting to switch these beauts up for awhile but sconces are, quite frankly, a hard thing to buy! Thankfully my dad was also a huge pack rat when it came to redundant bits and bobs (he has canisters full of used nails and screws in the shed, which we learned during the demolition, he used in abundance – just try removing stripped screws). I recalled seeing the original sconces somewhere in the boat house so the other week we went a treasure hunting and thankfully I found them.

This is where ordinarily you would see a “before” photo but as most blog writers out there can attest, sometimes you’re just too excited and although you have every intention of taking photos, you get lost in the moment and don’t realize until it’s covered in matte black spray paint (another product that fellow home bloggers can’t keep their hands off of). The candleabra sconces were originally bronze with fake white candle (with drips!) and candle bulbs (same shape as the after version) that were sprayed a pinky-orangey colour. They were cool as they were but dusty and tired looking. We went with painting them matte black in order to create a dramatic effect next to the fireplace. But that said, they also know how to just be without demanding too much attention.


Now we can clearly see the lovely shape that they are, and I really think we’ll get a lot more use out of them now that they look really slick.


Here they are on! I guess it’s a bit light out to see the full effect.


John couldn’t resist picking up the antlers that are now hanging on the fireplace. Nothing says cottage like antlers!

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Sasha Hayman Tapestry

August 12th, 2009


We spent all of Monday and Tuesday getting the cottage primed and painted and my hands are still covered in white paint. While we waited for the paint to dry (around 5pm, no less), we had our first swim of the season, after which we set about the task of putting the living room back together.

The big plus of getting all the walls painted was putting up this vintage tapestry we bought from the Queen West Antique Center. Also included in this picture is a pair of old snowshoes that belonged to Juli’s dad.


Juli’s dad would go hunting for rabbits with his wooden snow shoes and trusty dog “Sport”. We found them when we were cleaning out the loft space, among a few other treasures…


The tapestry works perfectly in our cottage. It reminds me of the reflection of the sun in the water during a sunset, which is perhaps why there is that wonderful red line diving the two spheres. The colours work within our scheme, the blue being almost identical to our two blue FDB Møbler chairs that sit at the heads of the dining table and the off white/red can be found throughout the rest of the living area.


The tapestry is probably from the 70s based on the style and condition. It was really cool to find out the artist is from London Ontario, I wonder if she’s still producing her work…sadly there is not much info on the internet.

I’d love to find out some more information if anyone out there knows of her.

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Cottage Update! We’re getting there…

August 3rd, 2009


Here’s a little sneak peak of the bathroom in progress! We’re so close to being finished, we just need to *paint the floors and trim, *find a cool shower curtain, * hang our new light properly, * paint the bathroom door, and finally hang up our cool medicine cabinet. We’re going up to the cottage today, and we’ll share some more pictures of the progress later this week!


We replaced the old fiberglass shower with a nice simple white tiled shower with vertical subway tiles. There were some structural issues with expanding the width, so we had to keep it on the small side. At least we got to increase the height quite a bit, and we layed the tiles vertically instead of horizontally to emphasize the increased height. The shower head is Kohler, I’ll have to get back to you on the model # and the price we paid for it (it looks like a trumpet!).


We decided on the very simple and very affordable Pegasus toilet which features a dual flush system. $149.99 at Home Depot
We also came up with a maple built in shelf to hold multiple rolls of toilet paper,  there is no storage space in this bathroom, so we came up with this easy and affordable solution.


Our new sink already has a new friend! (We still need to do some caulking)


The fir plywood is so beautiful!


Here’s one of the bedrooms, we still need to come up with a solution to remove the trim running along the edge of the ceiling, we just didn’t have a big enough plywood sheet to fill the gap between the ceiling and wall… We would obviously prefer it if it was completely flush. We’ll revisit this at some point today!


Here’s  our bedroom, the white against the plywood is looking great, but it’s still the same problem with the trim. We’re hoping we have a left over ply board to replace that tired looking trim.

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More Sneak pics of the Cottage

July 29th, 2009

Well I’m at work for the entire week (yeah that’s right 7 days straight!) So we’ve been pretty slow with posts lately, but right now Juli is at the cottage finishing up before the long weekend. She sent me a couple pictures via her iphone camera of the progress so far.


I know it looked like we were close to the finish in our last post, but there is still a lot of work to do…


The bathroom floor still needs to be painted and sealed, but the pedestal sink and that cool modern faucet look great!


There are still some parts of the floor that need to be painted, but I’m liking the look of our plywood accent walls.

Juli took her good camera up to the cottage, so hopefully we’ll have some nicer shots to share!

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Cottage dining set reveal!

July 23rd, 2009


Well we’ve decided to give up the goods. The cottage is still such a mess, but we wanted to have a little area that looked a bit finished. We are really excited to wrap this reno up so it’s images like this that get us through the long tedious process.

The two chairs on the end are dark blue and are by designer Jorgen Baekmark for FDB Møbler, while the 6 black chairs are also for FDB Møbler by Folke Palsson.


The table is the “Two Tops Table” by Marcel Wanders for Moooi in a matt black finish. It was one of those crazy deals that happens once in a lifetime. Apparently a movie company decided to rent this table for a film and during transportation they dropped it or damaged it and the leg broke off. The movie company was responsible for the table and had to come up with some quick cash to pay for it. They asked if the Queen West Antique Center could sell it for them at a crazy low price to help out with the bill. We were just at the right place at the right time and got the table at a steal for $700. You would have to add another 0 on the end of that number to buy it new.

The disappointing thing about the table is the quality… The top is made from MDF and it just doesn’t feel like a high quality table, it feels more like a $700 table. That said, we do love the size. We were picturing a large harvest table to sit all our friends and family, and at 8 1/2 feet we could easily fit 10 people around this thing. Even better than that are the tapered legs, which are very shaker influenced and work so well with the Møbler chairs.  I couldn’t imagine a better looking table for the cottage.

Is it wrong that our cottage is starting to look better than our home?


Cottage teaser # 1 is finished, but we still have a lot more to reveal!