Cottage Reno

Goodbye lattice, hello slatty

July 12th, 2010

By no means has this summer at the cottage been as busy as last year, but we’ve still been finding problems here and there that need to be taken care of. One thing we’ve been putting off for two years has been changing out the ugly lattice that runs along the side of the deck.

One of the big pushes for us was seeing how amazing Morgan’s (from the Brick House) slats turned out in front of her home!

The before…

The sliding door.

And the result!

I can’t believe it took us so long! For some reason we thought it was beyond our skill level, until Juli got fed up and demanded that we figure it out. It was a rough start at Home Depot, when we realized they didn’t really sell the size of slats we were looking for (and they don’t rip–cut along the grain–larger pieces). After circling the lumber department 5 times, we finally noticed some 1.5 inch thick slats of red cedar. It wasn’t the budget choice, but it was the only choice, and we figured that the savings we made not hiring someone were compensation enough. Plus, the cedar is gorgeous and these are like feature walls, so it ended up being beyond worth it.

The slats were spaced out 1.5 inches apart and by some divine grace the slats of the door actually line up perfectly.

By this point we gave each other a high-five, took a beer break, and admired our handy work.

After doing the first two, we knew we needed to finish the other side.

We got right to work. I was obviously dressed appropriately.

Another great transformation, another high five.

Next weekend, we’ll have new outdoor furniture, and hopefully some greenery for the deck too!

In other news, for dinner on Friday we had steamed clams!

Isha: I bring you mouse, you give me baguette. That’s how it works, right?


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Birch Trees!

June 28th, 2010

This weekend we were greeted with two new additions to our outdoor space up north (and a tidy yard, hooray!). The rain kept us all inside, but the new birch trees probably appreciated it.

Isha spotted this little critter whilst out on the deck. By the time I returned with the camera, Isha had retreated to the safety of the cottage. The wildlife approves.

This is the tree next to the deck. Much nicer than the butchered pine tree that was there before. I wish I had a photo of it, because all of its lower branches had been pruned off because they were dead, while the top half had an irregular hair cut because I had lazily tried to prune it a few years ago but could only reach so high. Ridiculousness ensued.

We had friends up Saturday and Sunday, and it mostly rained but today we had about 5 hours of sunshine. John painted the entryway, and I cleaned some more windows. Then we hopped in the lake for a dip with the rumble of imminent thunderstorms on the horizon.

Note to self: need new planters. South American style with iguanas emerging is not really fitting in with its northerly setting.

Skagerak teak planters, which we will fill with tall grasses. Better?

Considering all of the tornado warnings, and the recent touch downs and destruction of a nearby town, there was a little bit of concern. We packed up the car in preparation.

Considering the sketchiness of the above clouds, it was a relatively quick storm. Still, we’d had enough and hit the road.

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At the cottage with Isha

June 1st, 2010

Sunday night we were excited to head up north again. Now that Isha doesn’t have her brother to keep her company we decided to bring her with us! She was a very good girl the ride up and didn’t talk to much, I think she could tell by our body language that she wasn’t going to the vet. She quickly decided that the safari chair was hers to claim.

During our stay we stopped by a local antique market and picked up a vintage milk bottle with heart motifs. It reminds us of the enamel Kaj Franck bowls we have with the same heart motif.

I got around to installing the red Arne Jacobsen wall mounted bathroom fixtures. It’s hard to find toothbrushes that fit, since everything is so inflated these days – incidentally, these toothbrushes are made out of recycled yogurt cups and can be purchased at The Sweet Potato in the Junction. The soap holder on the right is a magnet and the soap has a bottle cap embedded into it. They’re very nautical and match the mirror perfectly.

We still need to find someone to install the Malm fireplace we got last year. those are all bags of cement sitting in it.

We also put up a broom and dustpan designed by Oji Masanori. We got to put it to use cleaning up some cat food, it worked great!

While we were hanging outside on the deck Isha would put her face to the screen and meow at us so we decided we would give her a chance (“this is your chance Isha, now don’t blow it”) and let her out onto the deck. The deck itself is gated and there weren’t that many possibilities for escape, but boy was she curious about the outside world. The best moment was when a moth flew by and she frolicked after it (not above, that is a leaf). Big paws strikes again!

And as always, our cat matches our style. Unfortunately for the white sofa.

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Cottage: Details

September 1st, 2009

First, let me just thank everyone who left a comment on our Cottage renovation reveal!

Cottage Details-7

We celebrated the completion of the cottage with some friends over the weekend. When we made it back to the city it dawned on us… This may have been the last weekend we’ll have up here this season. Of course we’ll have to board up the cottage at the end of the month so we’ll be able to say our goodbyes, but we took our last dip in Georgian Bay on Saturday. It’s quite sad, we spent so much time working and renovating I don’t feel we had enough time to really enjoy it.

Cottage Details-8

When our guests left Sunday morning we weren’t as eager to leave, I had Juli’s camera out and took some more photographs of the cottage. I know we’ve been giving you cottage overload lately, but you’ll have to wait a year to see it again!

Cottage Details-1

It got pretty chilly in the mornings so we started a fire, and we kept it burning all day. It reminds me how desperate I am for a fireplace at home during the Canadian winters.

Cottage Details-15

Super cosy.

Cottage Details-14

Cottage Details-13

We picked up a Tivoli radio at Bay Bloor Radio on the way up to the cottage Friday. We’re always listening to the CBC during the drives to and from the cottage, we even had an on going joke about calling the cottage “Definitely Not Sarah’s Cottage”, after seeing Sarah Richardson’s Georgian Bay cottage on her design T.V. show. We would refer to our cottage as “DNSC” after the CBC program “Definitely Not The Opera”… It’s just nice having something on in the background while you’re making breakfast or laying around flipping through a magazine. Plus you can hook an Ipod up to it and have a crazy dance party.

Cottage Details-17

Cottage Details-18

This old atomic magazine rack from the 50s made a terrific firewood carrier.

Cottage Details-2

Stacked logs.

Cottage Details-9

Elk antlers.

Cottage Details-10

Ceramic figurines thrifted on our trip to Scandinavia.

Cottage Details-11

The ceiling slightly resembles a leaf.

Cottage Details-12

Cottage Details-4

Here’s a closer look at our under counter fridges’ handles, we made it from scrap wood from the kitchen’s birch ply counter top.

Cottage Details-6

It was as simple as cutting the shape of a handle and drilling it directly into the plywood covers with some super strong decking screws. Just cover up the holes with wood filler, sand it down after it dries, and seal it with a clear coat finish.

Cottage Details-21

A wonderful fish tea towel we purchased in Stockholm.

Cottage Details-3

Red cross.

Cottage Details-22

We purchased these at Value Village, they’re so cool looking on the wall.

Cottage Details-16

“Avoiding Goblins to be caught by Wolves”

Cottage Details-19

Cottage Details-20

We picked up some 2 dollar Super Nintendo games at the Salvation Army, it was really fun playing some nostalgic video games, plus Super Mario Cart two player was quite the hit!

Cottage Details-23

Blue door.

Cottage Details-26

Some old Cowboy Western books.

Cottage Details-27

Lisa Larson fox & Canada drum.

Cottage Details-25

Coloured bars on our old Hudson Bay point blanket.

Cottage Details-24


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The BIG Reveal!

August 27th, 2009

Dear Kitka readers, you’ve been waiting with bated breath for our final reveal and that day has finally arrived.

For those of you who are just joining us, here’s the short version. Back in the 70s, my parents bought a cute set of cottages set in a busy beachy area on Georgian Bay. On a tight budget, they made improvements such as blowing out the porch, installing California style windows, building a walk out deck and eventually installing an open concept kitchen. And then nothing happened for a very long time. The years came and went and we were still sitting in the Ogden’s living room set (the Ogdens were the previous owners for several generations). In 2004 I inherited the cottage when my father passed away. I was totally unprepared for the responsibility and the place fell into a bit of a state. My mom tried her best to keep it from going totally under and two years ago we didn’t even open. So when I introduced John to the cottage last summer, it was ripe for the picking. And we were so on the same design page, it was a relative snap to make it the space we’d only ever dreamed about.

So enjoy our hard work—we hope that it inspires you!

cottage reveal-2

You’ve seen this picture plenty of times, but we finally had the second PH light strung up above the black table. It finally looks complete!

cottage reveal-4

You saw this image last week, it’s still playing host to some odds and ends. Eventually we’d like to see a Day bed in the corner where the telescopes are standing, but we’ll save that for next year. Pictured in this photo is a bee hive shaped paper floor light by Isamu Noguchi, Marushka sail boat print, and Reindeer hide from Finland.

cottage reveal-5

The full view of the living room. The three legged teak table is from Juli’s grandmother and sitting above is a pair of Kosta Boda Snowball candle holders.

cottage reveal safari-1

A pair of Safari chairs by N. Eilerson, the beautiful reindeer hide lays on the floor behind.

cottage reveal-7

We are still trying to decide if we should paint out the old stone fireplace white. It’s looking a little worse for wear, but once you paint it, it’s hard to go back. These types of fireplaces are pretty typical of the area so it adds that bit of history into the mixture. No cottage is complete without a pair of antlers above the fireplace, bought from The Painted Table on Queen W.


We found an old black enamel bucket for cleaning ashes underneath the cottage.

cottage reveal-8

We found the original sconces in the boat house and spray painted them a matte black, the Timo Sarpaneva candle holders we purchased from Atomic Design.

rca tx-1

A vintage RCA television, always good for some Seinfeld re-runs.

cottage reveal-9

The rug we picked up on a trip to Stockholm, it’s called “Kopparklinten” which roughly translates to “copper mountains” and is by Swedish artist Judith Johansson circa 1952, and was inspired by the aerial view of power stations. The sofa and rattan stools are from IKEA, and the teak magazine rack is by Jens Quistgaard for Dansk.

cottage reveal-10

We tried to do the cottage on a budget, especially when it came to the kitchen.  We used Ikea kitchen cabinets which we assembled ourselves, the kitchen wall and ceiling is finished with fir ply 4″x8″ boards so we didn’t have to spend money on a back splash, and we saved money on the counter top by using birch plywood which we sealed using a clear coat finish. Since we didn’t have that much storage space we wanted to make sure we had appliances worthy of display, so we splurged on The Rowenta coffee maker and toaster designed by Jasper Morrison.

cottage reveal-11

The wooden cabinets are hiding an under counter fridge that we purchased for only 500 dollars (retail value $2500!). It was a demo at a kitchen store so we had to find new covers for the black exterior of the fridge, which Steve made out of birch plywood. We painted the doors to the bedrooms blue, just to add a bit of fun to the hallway and bring the colours of the dining room into the kitchen.

cottage reveal-12

We were originally wanting long stainless steel handles for the under counter fridge, but we found out we had to make a special order to get them in the size we were looking for. John came up with the idea to make wooden handles and we’re so glad he did, they look so cool and saved us 30 dollars in kitchen hardware. We’ll take a closer look at the kitchen another day and go through the components we used and the costs we accrued.

cottage reveal-13

The bathroom was something we can’t really take credit for. Steve our contractor, who was amazing, put together all the plumbing and installation of the bathroom, and tiled the shower. What we can take credit for, is the decisions that went into the bathroom. The teak and glass hanging light fixture is from a store on Queen st. called Atomic, and the shower curtain is Marimekko.

cottage reveal-14

The pedestal sink we found for under 100 dollars, and the chrome bathroom fixture is energy efficient and costs 159 dollars from Home Depot. We found that cool tooth brush holder at Value Village, and the red mirror is from Atomic and reminds me of a boat’s round window. We mounted it onto the wall using leather ribbon.


We used vertical tiles to emphasize the height of the shower, and a chromed out trumpet shaped Kohler shower head.

cottage reveal-15

The very affordable Pegasus toilet which features a dual flush system was 149.99 dollars at Home Depot, the medicine cabinet above we found at a local antique market in Helsinki for 10 dollars. (I don’t know how it survived the long trip home since it was too large to fit in the over head compartment and had to be put underneath the plane with no protection besides a garbage bag). Since there are no closets in the entire cottage and no storage in the bathroom, John came up with the built in wooden shelf solution that can hold multiple rolls of toilet paper.

cottage reveal-16

Juli’s old bedroom was turned into a Cowboys and Indians themed room. The wool blanket to the right is a vintage Hudson’s Bay blanket that we picked up in Stockholm of all places, and the blanket to the left features similar colouring and stripes but is labeled Whitney Point, bought from The Painted Table on Queen W. The guitar sitting on the floor comes in handy for impromptu singalongs around the camp fire, and the task lights are from Luxo.

cottage reveal-17

This is our bedroom, it’s pretty minimalist but that’s what we intended for this room. The blanket is a vintage emergency blanket from Ontario Hydro that we found in the cottage’s loft, and the cozy slippers are by Swedish designer Pia Wallen. The Dala horse was an Etsy purchase, and our only means of lighting is the Mayday light on the floor.

cottage reveal-18

The third bedroom has a wonderful blue and white wool blanket which we purchased at Camp Collectibles in Midland, and three vintage Dunlop tennis rackets which all have different coloured leather handles were picked up from Value Village. There is a public tennis court down the street and Juli and I love to play a quick game before racing to the lake for a nice long swim.

It’s a pretty amazing transformation but it’s hard to appreciate how far we’ve come. Let’s revisit the horror (the horror!) that was the BEFORE: Read the rest of this entry »

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Cottage Stuff: Using what you’ve got + one new thing too!

August 20th, 2009

Ok, so we’re being a little bit terrible. The cottage is basically done and yes, we are totally holding out on the kitchen and full living room reveal. Mostly, this is because we are currently in a whirlwind of time deprivation. John is working every day this week until fairly late into the evening, we have a family event on the weekend and we’re in the midst of putting our home on the market. It’s crazy town. Contractors are flying about fixing all those annoying little projects and things that you easily learn to ignore for years on end, but that buyers will notice immediately. We’re looking to put it on the market for next weekend, so I am working double time to get things looking gorgeous (why can’t we just live our life like this? why do we become complacent with our space instead of keeping it tidy?).

I spent all day today unearthing the long forgotten floor of our office (I just walked in here to write this and said something to the cat—yes, I talk to my cat—and my voice actually echoed!). I am so inspired by the cottage and our minimal furniture and decorating, that I am determined to pare down the last 12 years of my life and break free from the STUFF.

So now that the update is over, back to the cottage.


Next year we may build a day bed for this front corner, but until then this is where the telescopes are. In the exposed shelving we’ve been going with a sailboat theme. The one on the left is an actual wooden toy sailboat John picked up in Port Dover years ago, and the picture on the right is a Marushka print we picked up on Etsy.  We’re toying with putting this crazy shell framed piece of art work that my dad picked up about 8 years ago in this area too.


This piece has baffled me since it first appeared on the scene. Yes, my dad got really into fish and water themed things, but this just seemed out of character, much to my immense enjoyment. The image itself is fantastic. A super old print of a man and woman in a rickety boat with a rough sea. It’s just so…romantic.


These two little rugs came from my grandmothers condo in Winnipeg. She was so obsessed with maintaining the carpeting that she covered major swaths of her place with little carpets, much to our collective exasperation (tripping and falling factor=high). The colours and graphic prints in these little rugs compliment the white floors perfectly.

And finally, John felt you needed something a bit more sexy than my random snapshots of stuff.


John here, I was lucky enough to find these two chairs during two separate occasions, it must have been fate. The chairs were designed by N. Eilerson marked made in Denmark, they are more commonly known as “Safari Chairs”.

We found our first Safari chair at Rogue Gallery in Queen St East several months ago, it was in Martin’s infamous “storage unit”. It wasn’t doing anyone any good just sitting there in storage so Martin let us take it off his hands for $75 dollars. The second chair wasn’t as easy. I found it on an eBay auction a few weeks later, except this one was a bright orange and the “Buy it Now” price was a staggering $350. Having just purchased the exact chair for $75 weeks before I sent her an offer explaining that I had just purchased the same chair at a reputable furniture dealer in Toronto, and my offer of $100 dollars was more than fair. The seller accepted, and it was only a 40 minute drive away to pick it up! The really horrible thing was sanding down all of that orange paint! It took me forever, and the orange got all over my clothes. I don’t know how many hours it took to remove all that awful orange but the result is so worth it.

I’ve never had a matching pair of chairs in a living room, they look so great together.

Now to avoid complete over exposure on our part, we’d love for you to share your spaces with us. We used to do this more when we started the blog, and we’d love to get back to it!

Don’t make us beg.

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