Thrifty Monday.

February 22nd, 2010

So we have not thrifted in what seems like eons (literally since our Scandinavia trip, it seems). Monday is supposed to be our day off but it NEVER is. We are always working. So a couple of Mondays ago, we made a point of planning a day to ourselves. Starting with brunch at Mitzi‘s on Sorauren (we love the Mitzi’s on College but stumbled across this location one day when we were out for a neighborhood drive), where we ran into Kate from INabstracto on Queen. This was perfect because we’d been meaning to catch up with her.

Then we went to see our friends down on Queen St East. First it was Martin at Rogue – where we couldn’t help but pick up some Hans Bolling Optimist and Pessimist figures.




Then it was off to see Jake at Machine Age Modern. He let John into his personal stash of Timo Sarpaneva glass and John left with his first piece.


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Valentine’s Bounty

February 15th, 2010

We don’t normally exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day, but since we totally bypassed Christmas this year and have been on the thrifting downlow, it was about time we picked up a few new goodies.

Juli got John:


A Hadeland glass whale, hand signed and made in Norway to join our Hadeland viking.



We have always coveted Nils Thorsson and Martin from Rogue Gallery always has a great selection. Except that now that we have decided to actively collect it, he no longer has any pieces! BAH! I picked this one up at Twice Found.


The other side.

John got Juli:


My first piece of modernist jewelry! John found this piece at Modernity. Designed by Hans Hansen for Georg Jensen, in the 1950s. I am not a jewelry gal, but I love this ring. I see more modern jewelry in my future, yes indeed.


The silver is a little scratched up, but I find it adds to the appeal. Besides, I am notoriously clumsy so I feel much better knowing it’s already broken in.

So to all of you lovers out there, happy belated valentine’s day, and to all those who have yet to find their love, all journeys lead to it, if you keep along the path (just remember to look in the most unlikeliest of places).

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eBay find: Michael Lax Iroquois Primaries creamer

September 4th, 2009

michael lax-2

Well it’s been a long time since we’ve attained a design object from Michael Lax’s Iroquois Primaries line. The line was inspired by the tension between light and dark and now I finally have a black creamer to pair with my white sugar bowl!

michael lax-1

You might have seen this listing on eBay, it was for a pair of creamers. Surprisingly there wasn’t much competition and I got the two creamers for 25 bucks! These are incredibly rare and as much as I liked getting the deal, I was kind of disappointed with the lack of enthusiasm for these design objects. Michael Lax is one of my favorite designers and even though he has quite a following in the design community, it seems he is still fairly unknown.

michael lax-3

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Ebay find: Danish Wool “Waterbearer” AKA Merman!

September 2nd, 2009


Sometimes when you deprive yourself from eBay for a really long time your judgment takes a lapse. Fortunately this wall hanging turned out to be pretty cool, plus it was only 9 bucks! I think it was the description that got me:


Because sometimes you just need to throw out a designers name in there.


This is a self portrait of me with a beard, fish tail, and trident.


“The Waterbearer” which will help out with the crop next year.


The colours are quite similar to our Berber rug, but I have a feeling this will probably make it’s home at the cottage.


Just some more wooly goodness.


I love the teak accent. I have a close connection with this hanging that Juli doesn’t know about. I actually came across the exact same wall hanging at a store in Helsinki. We were at capacity and I couldn’t justify the purchase, but I felt that me and Merman would be reunited again someday….

Well it turns out that was yesterday, and we are very happy regardless of our unconventional relationship.

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Festivo Candleholders

August 26th, 2009

Timo Sarpaneva-2

On a recent trip to one of Kitka’s favourite stores Atomic, we picked up a set of three Timo Sarpaneva Festivo Candle holders. Now if only I can get my hands on a collection of i-Glass decanters…

Timo Sarpaneva-1

The Festivo Candleholder was designed in 1966 by Finnish designer Timo Sarpaneva for Iittala. We came across hundreds of these on our trip to Helsinki but oddly enough, they were pretty expensive considering the vast quantities many of the vintage stores had.

Timo Sarpaneva-3

The Festivo Candleholders we created using the “charred wood technique”, which involves using wooden molds made from roughly hewn and carved alder wood. The wooden molds would become destroyed in the process and quite expensive to reproduce, so they eventually switched to metal molds.

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Thrift: Børge Mogensen bench

August 24th, 2009

mogensen bench-1

I am proud to announce we have an addition to the furniture clan here at Kitka, let me introduce you to our new (old) Børge Mogensen bench.

A while back Juli did some photography work for one of our favourite stores to loiter at in the city Machine Age Modern. Juli had some store credit left over from the shoot, and I was looking for something to spend it on. We were chatting with Jake and Carol about design and somehow we mentioned how Børge Mogensen was one of our all time favourite designers, and the owner Jake said that he had something in the back that may be of some interest to us. For the amount of store credit ($250) plus an additional $100 the bench was ours (basically what Jake paid for it).

mogensen bench-2

It was a bit rough around the edges and pretty worn in, but the design was unmistakably Mogensen.

mogensen bench-8

The Sofa was a contract piece for “Eaton’s”  and was used at Mount Sinai hospital (there was a Mount Sinai sticker and serial # but it was too hard to photograph). It was really neat to find out that something so familiar to the city like Eaton’s and Mount Sinai had Danish designs in their offices. I wonder if they commissioned Mogensen to produce these and there aren’t that many of them around, or if they were readily available for the public consumer…

mogensen bench-3

The tired leather needs a lot of reinforcing to get back to it’s former glory. After the hours I spent refinishing that Danish Safari chair, I don’t know why I’m already jumping on another project.

mogensen bench-4

The high density foam fillings they used on these old chair pads last forever, it’s always a big bonus to have the original cushions.

mogensen bench-5

The solid oak slats on the back of the bench have a beautifully subtle curve to them, providing interest against the strong lined shape.

mogensen bench-7


I can’t wait to get to work on it! Hopefully I’ll have some updated pictures for you guys soon!

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