Luca Nichetto + Mjölk

January 24th, 2014


Wednesday night we hosted the first Canadian exhibition for Italian designer Luca Nichetto. It was an incredibly cold night, but we were so happy to see the showroom quickly fill with hundreds of people for our opening reception.


A platter of meats, cheeses, and our newly installed brass pendant lights by Jonas Lindvall for Wastberg.


The exhibition was the debut of the Sucabaruca coffee set, as well as a retrospective of some of Luca’s most iconic works.


The round tables from the Wolfgang series Luca designed for Fornasarig created a collection of “lilly pads” for displaying all of the exhibited works.



Luca Nichetto talking to Scott Eunson who made the model used to create the porcelain slip-cast for the coffee set.


The next morning Juli took some photographs of the showroom without people in them. Ceramic bookend for Petite Friture.


We debuted the coloured versions of Sucabaruca during the exhibition, so these haven’t been shown anywhere yet. The collection called “pop” is a tribute to the eclectic artist Jean-Paul Goude. As well as the 1980s Memphis movement.


The white porcelian set is inspired the fashion designer Martin Margiela.


The pastel tones are reminiscent of the colours and sensitivity used in Japanese architecture.


Stereo chair with oak legs for Casamania, Italy and a sandcast aluminum and oak side table for David Design, Sweden. Sitting on top is Luca’s timeline bowl for Swedish brass maker Skultuna.


A cedar wood “Doc” car designed for part of the collection of toy cars by TobeUs – a project, 100% TobeUs, devised by Matteo Ragni.
Its goal is to take us back in time to the age of lightheartedness, if only for a few moments.


We received two Design Lines loves tags, thank you very much for the support!


Red Spoon vases for Salviati, Stewie floor lamp for Foscarini, and Timeline bowls for Skultuna.


Ceramic clocks for Petite Friture.


A ceramic floor lamp called “Vader” for Swedish design company David Design, as well as a concrete bench designed for Beijing Design week.




A beautiful glass vase for Salviati.




The ceramic umbra vase for Bosa.


Sali Tabacchi designed an incredible book to compliment the exhibition. Luca had the idea of using these brass paper weights to keep the book open and lined them up on our long teak shelf.

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Luca Nichetto + Mjölk: Sucabaruca

January 21st, 2014


Luca Nichetto + Mjolk Opening

Location: Mjölk, 2959 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON M6P 1Z2
Date: 22 January 2014 Time:  7 -9 pm (please RSVP)
Luca Nichetto will be in attendance.


“The collaboration between Luca Nichetto and the Mjölk gallery started during the first visit of the Venetian designer in Canada, where, taking the suggestion of his friend Eero Koivisto he visited the Mjölk gallery, where he met with the gallerists John Baker and his wife Juli Daoust.

The warm and elegant environment, fitted out with finely crafted objects from all over Japan and Scandinavia, put Nichetto immediately at ease. During pleasant conversations with John and Juli, their common passion for design and detail have led them to think of a collaboration, which resulted in a product specifically designed for their gallery, along with a solo exhibition containing some of the projects, the designer, has created in his career.


The product created for Mjölk is the coffee set called “Sucabaruca”. It is a project that, from the start, has been involving people from different cultures and countries: Juli and John who, with passion, collect and distribute in Canada products mainly from Scandinavia and Japan; the Canadian ceramist Alissa Coe, who made the prototypes, skillfully interpreting our project; Lera Moiseeva, designer and artist of Russian origin, but New Yorker by adoption, who contributed to the development of the coffee set in collaboration with Nichetto´s studios in Sweden and Italy; and Elena Freddi, collaborator at the studio in Stockholm, who took care of the set up for the exhibition “Luca Nichetto + Mjölk” in Toronto. All these people have enriched the project, making it an extraordinary melting pot of ideas and energy on an international scale.


The “Sucabaruca” coffee set is rich in cultural and formal references that come from  the influences of several people involved in the project. The main cone-shaped body is reminiscent of “Carmencita”, the famous character created by Armando Testa in 1966 for the tv show“Carosello”. The patterns, hand-engraved by hand in the ceramic, are meant to emphasize the uniqueness of the pieces, as well as for the tray, manufactured using material such as Canadian maple wood, which always reveal new and unique patterns when carved. Just like in a game, the set elements can be stacked and combined as desired, indulging in the different personalities offered by 3 colour palettes, from total white, inspired by the fashion designer Martin Margiela, to pastel tones, characteristic of Japanese architectures, and eventually pop colours, a tribute to the eclectic artist Jean-Paul Goude.”


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Four Years!

December 15th, 2013


It’s that time of the year! Our 4th anniversary is today! We’re celebrating by giving away cookies of Marten, Eero and Ola from Claesson Koivisto Rune, made by the ever talented Lindsey Gazel. Come on by today and say hello! Also we will have the inaugural production of the Ceremony set available for sale this week!

Thank you for all of your support during our first years. Now that we’re old news, we’ll be needing you now more than ever!

- John & Juli

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Mjölk presents: LATrE

November 17th, 2013


Last night we had our opening of the LATrE indigo exhibition and capsule shop here at Mjölk. We are all huge fans of LATrE, and thought it would be very interesting to ask Brian to come up with a conceptual collection of home wares utilizing his impeccable sourcing skills, craftsmanship and of course his Indigo dyes.


In the front window Brian’s friend and merchandiser Jodee set up a beautiful display taking all of the tools from Brian’s workshop and transplanting to the store to show the equipment used in his dyeing process. This combined with the Dead stock WWII army tent turns the tools into artifacts of survival.

You can see the mason jars in the background with indigo dye.


Bamboo stirring sticks.



In the front / middle half of the showroom, Brian’s drop cloth from his studio is used as a rug.


Deadstock wool military socks with various Indigo dyeing methods.


Clothing rack with just a tiny sampling of the items that are currently available.


Japanese scarf.


Along with the clothing articles, Brian made some incredible Boro-esque patchwork placemats made from military sailing fabric.


Only 6 available!



Also, indigo coasters!


We hope to see you while the exhibition is on!

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Remodelista: book review

November 15th, 2013


We recently bought a copy of the new Remodelista book, which contains a mix of houses, kitchens, bathrooms and design ideas that are surprisingly accessible. It’s definitely a particular aesthetic, but of course one that we gravitate to: natural materials, plenty of white, and considered accessories.


Notably for us, we couldn’t believe it when Julianne Moore mentioned our shop in her foreword. I think her experience of using Remodelista is one that many can relate to. It’s the only resource on the internet that we’ve found that does such a great job of sourcing the best within a particular aesthetic. I mean, try googling “modern [insert fixture, furniture, accessory, building material etc here]“. I can guarantee you will spend a lot of time sifting through very unmodern products!


The aforementioned Sori Yanagi flatware. We use it at the cottage and love it. Substantial but not heavy, and the knife is so sharp it can cut steak easily.


We were also pleased to see Pia Wallen’s Cross Blanket in The Remodelista 100 listing.


But enough about us. The spaces featured all have a calm, homey feel. I really loved the Remodelista Headquarters, and their investment in mill work. That said, there are enough spaces to provide inspiration for more limited budgets.

In the Remodeling Reality section there are plenty of things to remember when renovating, and some good tips too.


Each featured space has a Steal this Look section. The Shaker peg display is something we were considering at the cottage (the bedrooms were never really finished).


Same goes for the wall of Josef Frank wallpaper. This is the exact one we were thinking about for Elodie’s bedroom! It’s nice to see it used in a large application.

You can get it here or preferably at your local independent bookshop or retailer.


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We’re on the Government of Canada’s website!

November 8th, 2013

So a cool thing happened! We ended up of the Government of Canada’s website for our CEREMONY set that was designed by Swedish architect firm Claesson Koivisto Rune. It is now my main mission to have this tea set ready for sale before December.

Here is the webpage: Link

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