Art in a Courtyard House 2013

May 28th, 2013


On Sunday evening we went to Studio Junction‘s closing party for the participants in their Art in a Courtyard House exhibition, which they put on in conjunction with Doors Open.We were very honored to be able to participate in the show and debut a set of tea and baking carts designed by Mjolk and Studio Junction, and crafted by Studio Junction.

Here is our description:

Tea Cart and Baking Cart Concept

It wasn’t too long ago that the tea cart was a much needed extension to the family home. It was much more common 30 or more years ago that the dining room was a separate entity from the kitchen, and things like formal living rooms were used for high tea in the afternoon. In contemporary times things like dining rooms and formal living rooms have become redundant, and this is probably for the best. However there are some things that were lost in this transition that we feel could have easily found a place in the modern family home.

Tea carts are an extension of the kitchen, they are on wheels and can be used to easily shuffle everything from tea or alcohol, to desserts from the kitchen to table. When necessary the tea cart can take on an important presence, and at the same time be quietly tucked against the wall when not in use. We made the top tray of the tea cart removable to be used like a tray when serving tea. This solves the awkwardness of moving many teacups and desserts at one time, but also provides a thoughtful presentation.

Several reoccurring themes that Studio Junction has been exploring are the court yard as an architectural element, and thinking of the kitchen in terms of a piece of furniture. When using this bar cart, it becomes an extension of the kitchen to the outdoor space. This could be the same for any Toronto backyard or balcony and brings an element from the inside of your home to the outside further blurring the line.


The handles are actually cut and sanded, not steam bent. It makes for an incredible grain.


You can clearly see the Danish influence with the use of tapers and the mix of oak and oiled Peruvian walnut. Our little “Ceremony” milk set was on display as well. As mentioned before, the tray is removable, so you can easily carry its contents from the cart to the dining table or living room table and keep it in use as a serving tray.


A burl pedestal by Adrian Kuzyk.


Paintings by Judith Geher


A potluck dinner with all the participants and their families.


Screen by Joe Lin


Bamboo, rocks and water feature. Their courtyard is amazing (this photo doesn’t do it justice, was using a different lens and setting than usual and it was a hot mess).


Chair by LUBO –


Hanging terrariums by Crown Flora Studio


Charred wood wall installation by Scott Eunson


Elodie nomming on some yogurt


Oak rocking chair by Megan Blake


Metal paintings by Lisa Petrocco


Children’s book by Jarl Anderson, illustrations and mask by Thomas Barker

kitka_studio_junction-18 kitka_studio_junction-17

The Boston Ivy is everywhere, greening the space in such a nice way.


One Year

April 6th, 2013



We did it! We officially have a toddler. We cannot believe how fast and slow and timeless this last year has been.


[walking photo series by Taylor Shute, captured on March 23rd, 2013]


Last weekend we celebrated Elodie’s first birthday! It was truly a perfect day, spent with friends and family, small and tall.
[banner made by Hollie via a Martha Stewart pattern - thanks Hollie!]

Our friend Celine Kim was so nice to offer to photograph the party, allowing me to give my full attention to the birthday girl and guests. Thank you so much Celine, the photos really capture the day. All photographs are by Celine unless otherwise noted.


Cake by Lindsey.


Where would we be without instagram and iphone? I mean, it’s so distracting but I don’t think I’d have as many great shots to choose from! Am I right? But really, I need to take a break now that Elodie is taking such a vehement interest in these technological doodads.

elodieflowers elodiegrandpa

Flowers by Coriander Girl.

And that’s it for my decorating! I was going to do some more things but who am I kidding, I can barely do my part for the shop and take care of a now one-year-old. Plus I only think I’m crafty, heh.

Elodie and Grandpa Baker taking a stroll. Petit Bateau dress from Grandma Daoust, thank you!


Hey, it’s Eloise!


Oliver (and Adam). You cannot wrestle this baby from John or me. Elodie is such an active baby she’s not much of a cuddler. Oliver simply exudes gooey squishy love.


Time to open presents! What can I say, our friends and family spoiled us. Elodie gave each card and gift her rapt attention, and loves them all. Thank you!


She hugs gifts.


A thoughtful custom wood block set from Taylor and Jen (btw, they started a great blog about home brewing and food)!


Hi Uncle Frank, Taylor, Blaise, Ronnie and Hollie!


Cake time. Yes, that is a gigantic cake. Maybe a little overwhelming for such a young pup but she handled it with the requisite level of awe.


John shows Elodie that cake is for eating.


Isha was so there for the cake.


So was Eloise. Now if only they could share toys.


Time to play with nanna. Hollie spends a lot of time with Elodie and knew these balls would be a hit.


Elodie and neighbourhood pal Elle are up to no good, as usual. Looks like Elodie is becoming a ringleader…great…


Amie, Aria and Blaise.


Elodie became intensely fascinated with Celine’s husband Jin.

I wanted to share four photos that Taylor took too, so indulge me for one (four) more moment!

elodiebday3 elodiebday4
elodiebday2 Elodiebday1

Happy Birthday sweets! It’s been an amazing year, to say the least.

[Hollie Martha Stewart'd again with the above owl and elephant applique on wood pieces. What a doll.]



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Alvar Aalto tea trolley and tiles by Atelier des Cent-ans

April 4th, 2013


It’s another busy week here at the Kitka/Mjolk homestead. We’ve finally gotten to a place where we can start putting our nice things out permanently and hang pictures on the wall. We’ve been working on a little vignette across from our dining table with our baby high chair and Aalto Tea trolley. It all came together after our acquisition of the above tile work by Renaud Sauve (Atelier Des Cent-ans). We commissioned the piece last time we saw him back in the winter, and he dropped off this beautiful work when he came back to Toronto for the spring One of a Kind Show.

He also brought us some new pieces that were not shown at the One of a Kind Show, so if you had the opportunity to see his beautiful booth last week and didn’t get your hands on a piece of his work, don’t fret. We have some amazing unique works for you here at the shop!



The tiles are made of porcelain and feature a hand “tattooed” dyeing technique which originates from Korea. The white oak frame was made by Renaud’s partner Gilbert Garcia.


Very Japanese, but uniquely Renaud.


Some more treasures: Japanese indigo coasters and a birch sake cup by Kota Fukunaga (who we represent at Mjölk). Also, some Swedish matches from our last trip to Stockholm.


Little by little the place is coming together.

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Intimate photos of Terunobu Fujimori projects and their residents

March 12th, 2013

japanese tea room fujimori terunobu dandelion house

This morning I came across this fantastic collection of photographs depicting the projects of Terunobu Fujimori and their residents.

It’s so nice to see the scale of the people in their own homes, as well as their interaction in the unique spaces.

japanese tea house fujimori terunobu coal

japanese architecture fujimori terunobu charred cedar house exterior     japanese homes fujimori-terunobu

japanese homes fujimori terunobu charred cedar siding

Charring cedar wood for cladding.

fujimori terunobu too high japanese tea house

Professor Fujimori and his “Too tall tree house”.

All photos from here

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Claesson Koivisto Rune

January 11th, 2013

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 3.03.14 PM

In anticipation of our exhibition CEREMONY with Claesson Koivisto Rune on Wednesday January 23rd, we’ve put together a collection of images to provide a bit of context for the architect firm in case you weren’t already familiar with their work.

We hope you enjoy!

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 12.00.10 PM

Kråkmora Holmar.

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 3.11.29 PM

Örsta gallery.

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 3.11.16 PM

N0. 5 house.

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 11.28.08 AM

Råman house.

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 12.02.10 PM

Sfera building, Kyoto.

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 11.28.28 AM

Marrakech tile exhibition.

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 12.06.31 PM

Dandelion tile.

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 11.49.10 AM

Model for Espina De Cruz + residential house.

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 11.50.38 AM

Kin Urushi tea light holders

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 11.51.21 AM

Monet – Japanese candies


Brasilia coffee table with Boxplay sofas.

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 11.29.04 AM

Spin poufs


Vass cabinet and Press magazine holder.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone on the 23rd! All three founding members of Claesson Koivisto Rune will be attendance, so please drop in and say hello.

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Our bedroom this morning

January 8th, 2013


Hello everyone, I hope you all had a nice weekend.

We get some nice light in our bedroom, so I thought I would take a couple of snaps to share it with you this morning. When we first moved into our home, the upstairs kitchen and living room still were being renovated, so our bedroom became our sanctuary and we kept it nice and tidy while the rest of the rooms were filled with boxes or being worked on.

We’ve developed such a connection to this room that we find ourselves having lunch or a spot of coffee here like we did those first few weeks of moving in.

We lovingly refer to this floor as our apartment. A habit I don’t think we will ever shake.


Rough linen sheets, and Pia Wallen Crux blanket.


A permanent fixture in our bedroom – Isha.


My brother gave me this beautiful Hinoki cedar wood aroma diffuser. It makes our room smell like a Japanese spa. The other little objects are glass paper weights by Tsuji Kazumi.


A set of bowls by our friend Renaud the potter (Atelier Des cent-ans).


Did you know we carry Noguchi lights at Mjölk? We don’t sell them online by request of the manufacturer, but we have some beautiful specimens in our showroom right now. This light we specially ordered for the bedroom because it’s the same one that adorns Mirei Shigemori’s tea house.

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